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Wisdom & Faith

  When Wisdom & Faith is added to Will Power, miracle happens at every moment.

Law of Nature

  अन्य लेख ज्योतिष विज्ञान की उपादेयता Destiny, Karma and Science of Astrology

Observership helps

Observership helps by creating distance between self and emotions

Why a Conversation drains our Energy

  Many times in our life we come across to this feeling “ATTACHMENT” but due to lack of awareness we fail to understand the intensity of it.

Awareness takes closure to god

Every moment of Awareness takes us a step closure to god

Nature works when there is no Resistance

Power of Nature is at Best When There is No Resistance So Do not Create Opposition By Thinking, Judging, Analysing Every Time Just Be Relaxed & Go with the Flow Than Nature endows you with the Power Of Peace &

Divided mind is always Restless

Loose Self to Find God

Finding God means No Existence of ourselves

Sincerity brings Strength

by remaining truthful & sincere for our practices, we find our strength & freedom

नकारात्मक स्थिति से कैसे निपटें

सकारात्मक व्यक्तियों पर नकारात्मक ऊर्जा अर्थात तमो गुण का प्रभाव कभी कभी अधिक  हो जाता है. तमो गुण के प्रभाव  कारण वह अपनी आध्यात्मिक यात्रा में स्वयं ही बाधा उत्पन्न  कर लेते है और वर्तमान ऊर्जा के स्तर से नीचे गिर जाते है.