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Give a Thought to your THOUGHTS – An Experience

  “Thoughts” surprisingly I never bothered myself to give any thought to my thoughts. It happened always that it kept coming in my mind and then drove me away in it’s craft, I never knew how powerful it was unless

Faith, Will and Practice can change mind

Everyting is useful

Transcend Body n Mind to perceive Truth

Transcend Body n Mind to perceive Truth


Detachment gives power to every thing we do in awake stage of consciousness

Om Namah Shivay

महा मृत्युंजय उपासना कालसर्प दोष


Wisdom means doing right thing in every condition

Why Guru is needed

Because someone one who is familiar with the path makes our journey easy


Constant practice shines the seeker

Time used by different people

Stupid person Waste time, Smart person Spend time, But Wiser person always chooses & does The Right investment for Time