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Energy Exchange-Different Aspect-Part 4

  Place and People affect our Energy level to a very great extent. Going out without precautions like extra jaap, some specific remedial measures  and awareness makes us vulnerable for any kind of energy which has low frequency. First time

Energy Exchange-Different Aspect-Part 3

  After getting up i explained my situation to my Guru and it was the time, whatever he explained, went directly in my brain. Here is my learning I am writing with the AIM that it can help the seekers

Energy Exchange-Different Aspect-Part 2

  The next day we had to travel to another city for some work. I was happy that somehow i had managed to complete my puja before leaving from home. The journey from our place to the city was almost

Energy Exchange-Different Aspect-Part 1

  As a spiritual seeker when I started my Journey, I was advised to speak less, less conversation and contact with people. Though I read these instructions in other spiritual books too and thought I understood it very well, but no,

Go beyond Nature

Satv , Raj, Tam

Do not Mind

To quieten the mind , do not mind the mind    

Learn to Live happily

Learn to live happily

follow rules

Follow  rules  to  find  supreme  

To evolve,  correct flaws

You can’t evolve , if you can’t understand your flaws,coz they are happening for a reason to show you your path for your next destination.  

Difficult time is Good time

Every difficult situation is the indirect sign of supreme to tell us that we have managed to gain his/her attention and our karma has started working out, better we perform sweeter the joy of result will be. So never be