Shani Ki Sadhesati and Dhayya

It means a phase in which your own rashi has its turn to experience the journey of Saturn through it. When in the 12th house of the Moon horoscope (Chandra Kundali), the planet Saturn enters, till it transits in to Ist and IInd house of the Moon horoscope (Chandra Kundali) is known as

Saturn naturally takes 2 years in its transit from one house to another house and it takes seven and half years to transit through three zodiacal signs. The experiences that you have in this phase, are important. You feel that your progress has slowed down. Every thing seems full of hurdles, and troubles. You may feel your ego being hurt. You have to bow down before the people you would never like to. This is phase of soul testing and patience testing. This generally Effects health, mental peace and finance.

Generally "Sadhe-Sati" comes thrice in a horoscope in the lifetime. First in childhood, Second in youth and Third in old age. First "Sadhe-Sati" has effect on education and parents. Second "Sadhe-Sati" has effect on profession finance and family. The last one affects health than anything else.

If Shani Dev is in the zodiac preceding us, we have a time of ascending "Sadhe-Sathi", while if he is in the following zodiac, we experience a time of descending 'Sadhe-Sathi' and when ShaniDev is in our zodiac, we experience middle time of 'Sadhe-Sathi'.

Sadhe-sati's notorious reputation derives from the fact that the Moon rules the mind and the emotions while Saturn rules suffering; therefore, an individual can expect an increase in emotional and mental duress during this transit. When Sani maleficly affect something, he slows the matter down, and causes obstructions and delays in it's fruitfulness. Sani also rules separation, he hurts us by taking things away from us. When we face a painful separation from our parents, spouse, friends or anyone we care for, Sani is always a possibility for that. 'Sadhe-Sathi' doesn't give same fruits to people belonging to same zodiac. Many people have same zodiac, but who gets which type of result depends upon the time of birth of that person, his good or bad works, has started from which place and which relation. And the degree between the moon and Shanidev will clearly reveal the period after which the person will get the good or bad fruits, after the 'Sadhe-Sathi' has begun. This is the reason, why people get good or bad results in ascending or descending 'Sadhe-Sathi'. The nature of results has to do with Saturn's relationship to the rising sign, the Moon sign, and the indications of Saturn's influence for a particular rising sign.

The best way to avoid the bad aspects of Sadhesati is to cultivate the following attributes:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Sincerity
  • Respect for others
  • Team work
  • Well planned activities
  • Adaptation
  • Treating supporter and critic as one and the same

A deep in-depth study of the horoscope is necessary to carefully analyze these and to prescribe the correct and authentic remedies.

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