Specific Remedies

Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth. According to Vedic astrology there are 27 constellations made up of 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses with each house and planet representing some aspect of human life. Depending on when a person is born, the 12 signs are distributed among the 12 houses and 9 planets are placed in various houses, and Remedial Measure is the unique feature of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) that allows one to solve his or her problems by modify the karma through Vedic ways. Remedies are the solutions provided to overcome complicated situations. In Indian Astrology the main remedies include - Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra. However there are other common remedies like using gem stones and metals to control the unfavorable phase. We suggest the relevant vedic astrological remedies as per your stars in the horoscope and provide vedic astrology yantra and gems duly purified with the auspicious mantras. They enhance the positive aura and remove the evil obstructions in the lives.

Jyotish shows the path and result of karma done in past and freedom to make the future through the position of nine planets.When in exaltation, the impress of the planet can be gentle and often very spiritual and suggests the karma of positive qualities from the past endeavor.In the same way, a planet in a bad position suggests traits that may have been misused, neglected or acted upon in an erroneous manner in previous life creating problems is present life, thus the chance to work on them is accorded in this life. Particular house, compatibility, incompatibility and aspect of planets also play an important role in suggesting that how particular energies have blended and worked together in the past, whether in a harmonious or antagonistic way.

Remedial Measure allows one to solve his or her problems by modifying the karma in a systematic way. Each planet emits specific energy and these devic energies can be influenced by using appropriate tools and approaches. Jyotish Remedial Measure means a conscious effort which may include chanting (Japa) of Vedic prayers (Mantras), wearing of gemstones (Ratnas), fasting (Upavash) on certain days, wearing amulets (Yantras or Kavachas), donating to the poor (Daana), , contributing to Vedic fire-rituals (Yajnas) etc.

Remedial measures helps in solving karmic problems.

There are four basic types of Upayas -

* Vachak(upayas involving speech)- mantra, prayer, chants
*  Mansik(Upayas invalving mind)-
* Kayak( upays involving body)- Kirtan, offering selfless services (Seva) to others
* Tantrika(upayas involving external objects)-

The other division of upayas -

Satvik Remedies - Yagya, Yantras, Mantras, Daan, Anushthana, Varta etc. 
Rajsik Remedies - Jem and Stones, Anushthan and daan in large scale. 
Tantrik Remedies- special herbs and mantra

Knowledge and divine blessing is required for these astrological remedies to exert their full effects because when used improperly they only increase the problems. The strengthening remedies are advised for all the benefic  planets if they are weak or afflicted in horoscope. If planets are at malefic position in horoscope than propitiating remedies are advised.

The purpose of any upaya (method or remedy) is to restore  wholeness, unity and balance in the life of the individual by reducing fear, anxiety and unnecessary attachments. 


Specific Remedies