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Significance of Navratre

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devi durga

Navaratri days are  meant for worshipping feminine form of supreme power to achieve spiritual upliftment OR  fulfillment of  material wishes in life.

The word Nav indicates the number nine. This number is a perfect or   purna number, after which there is no number.  There are nine forms of Shakti or Goddesses that rule the universe, known as Nav Durga.

The second part of the word Navaratri is ratri or night, that       time  of the daily cycle when humans       go to sleep, to get rest from the fatigue resulting from the physical or mental efforts put in during the day and to   charge up the body and mind for the next day’s activities. Thus, Navaratri is a great time for performing puja, sadhana or aaradhana   of Maa Durga to purify our mind and rejuvenate our soul, which get tired with the worldly affairs.

The word Durga  symbolises  Durg in the Sanskrit language. Durg means –  fort. A fort is built in such a way that it is not easily accessible for outer opposite forces and  protects who are  inside . Similarly, worshipping Durga creates a fort-like environment for the worshipper by strengthening devotee’s  body, mind and soul. 

Nine forms of Goddess

 Prathamam Shailputri, Dwitiyam Brahamcharini, Tratiyam Chandraghanteti, Kushmandeti chaturthakam !
Pancham Skandmateti  , Shashtham Kaatyayni ch, saptam Kaalratri, mahagauri ch  ashtamam !!
Navam Siddhidatri ch Navdurga prakeertitah !!!

Each Goddess represents specific Chakra and Planet . The days on which  Goddess specific form is worshipped and respective chakra and Planet are mentioned below   –

First Day – Goddess ShailaputreeMuladhara Chakra – Moon
Second Day – Goddess Brahamcharini – Swadhisthana Chakra – Mars
Third Day – Goddess Chandraghanta – Manipura Chakra – Venus
Fourth Day – Goddess Kushmanda – Anahata Chakra – Sun
Fifth Day – Goddess Skandmata – Visuddha Chakra – Mercury
Sixth Day – Goddess Katyaini– Ajna Chakra – Jupiter
Seventh Day – Goddess Kaalratri – Sahastrsar Chakra –  Saturn
Eighth Day – Mahagauri – Sahastrsar Chakra – Rahu
Ninth Day – Siddhidatri – Sahasrara Chakra – Ketu

Importance Of Navratri

Whenever, on earth the season changes, Supreme form of ENERGY get’s available in plenty of amount and can also be easily access. In the same way human body  also gets prepared to receive the energy on the same time. At this time following discipline can make the body absorb the energy in plenty amount which can be use to uplift the spiritual level by balancing mind and body in better way than rest of the days.

Navratri’s Nine days sequence is the representation of a seeker’s stages on path of Self Realization. Navratri’s first three days balance the tamo gun, next three days balances the rajo gun, and the last three days increases the sato gun. Tamo guna is balanced by Mata Duga / Kaali, Rajo gun’s devi is Mata Laxmi and Sato guna is represented by mata Saraswati.

So the sequence in Sadhna is – 

First you resolve your tamo guna by removing your hidden negative tendencies and desires. This need lot of discipline, hard work, patience and faith, as cleaning of self is not an easy task . After PURIFICATION  balancing of the the rajo guna starts by Goddess Mahalaxmi in form of development of positive qualities like dedication, surrender, power to work hard etc etc.  Than after lot of practice a time comes when we are ready to  receive KNOWLEDGE OF SELF by establishing self in sato guna, depicted in the form of Goddess Saraswati. When this happens Seeker merges with theSupreme and DUALITY as well as  cycle of birth ends here.


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