Jyotish is the one branch of the Vedas. The Sanskrit word for Vedic Astrology, Jyotish has two elements 'Jyoti' and 'Ish' which translates as 'the science of light' in which one can see the truth. It is a system used to assess, forecast, and improve the quality of our life so we can live more peacefully and happily. It is based on twelve Rashis (Zodiac sign) twelve Bhavas (Houses) nine Grahas (Planets) and twenty seven Nakstras (Distant stars). A horoscope is simply a map of the planets in the sky at the time of our birth. It also includes the transits, or angles the planets make with the placements in our birth chart as they move in their orbits. It is believed that planetary positions in horoscope tell us the karma we did. Our own past actions indicate our talents, good fortunes, state of health and disease, as well as the traumas we are destined to experience. The past karmas produce limitations for us because they yield certain results, which influence our future karmas. We do have a free will, but within the limitations prescribed by the results of our past actions. There is a remedy for every problem. The purpose of astrology is to find remedies for our current problems and to avoid future problems. The planets will not allow you to escape your karma that easily. It will create many obstacles to perform the remedies. It is not surprising that common people ignore remedies.

We all are bound to face the result of our KARMA whether it is good or bad. There are three types of suffering for bad Karmas according to our scriptures Physical, mental and elemental. A person feels pain according to his nature or Gun (satv, raj, and tam). All these three sufferings are regulated by nine planets. The supreme power has appointed the grahas to give the result according to our deeds done in previous birth karma. The condition of stars at birth time defines that how, when and where one will travel the journey of life. Our previous karma affects the present karma also. For example if some one is sick from birth because of past karma than sickness of newborn will defiantly affect the future development. Now the question arises that how Jyotish helps? Suppose if one knows that it may rain today and carries an umbrella with self, than defiantly one can not stop the rain but can prevent self to some extent from being drenched. Same thing we can apply with astrology. When we know that coming time is not good than with the help of Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, gemstone or Puja we can reduce the intensity of suffering.