How to handle Problems of Thoughts during MEDITATION

The most common problem seekers encounter during their journey on path of Spirituality is Presence of Thoughts. Even after long term constant practice, waves of thoughts do not appear to cease.   Thoughts can be any of type like - planning of future, thinking of events, daily activities , troubles in job or money, behavior of particular person , questioning and answering with the self, guilt, pain and sorrow experienced in past, analysis & evaluation of person, events and shortcomings of self-etc. . Sometimes emotions go to their peak in meditation, so crying, disappointment, aggression, self-pity, resentment, atonement, lost feeling, regret kind of feeling also happens. These symptoms make seeker confused and question comes to mind - AM I DOING RIGHT?

Yes!!!  You are on right track.  How? To understand this, we need to look at older version of us means what were we before starting the meditation.  We used to be puppet or slave of thoughts and emotions. Our reactions were immediate and inappropriate in comparison to incidence.  We were accustomed to merge with the emotions and thoughts so much, that outer world and rationality lose their existence.  When I say outer world lose existence means we just work mechanically, everything seems useless, we cut off from people around us and the pain we felt with the incidence often expands by leaps and bounds.

So, after some time of practice of meditation we see GAP between Self and Thoughts / Emotions. Because of this gap we are able to observe or witness our thoughts/emotions.   We expect next shut down of thoughts. But this does not happen. In fact sometimes we notice increase in frequency and intensity in place of slow down.  At times, restlessness of mind affects the body too, in form of pain, movements etc.  Why this happens?

This happens because of unwinding of stagnant soul energy. What we do because of our karma energy has very less percentage of manifested energy. Unapparent part of our karmas is more than manifested part and blocks the upward movement of Para Kundalini Shakti.  Hence meditation clears these blockages. But how will we know that work of cleaning is going on? So nature has a system. We feel this cleansing process at different levels in various forms mentioned above.

How to Sail Through Waves Of Mind

What a seeker must do in this stage? Follow ADVICE written below to settle down the Chaos of Mind -  

  • Do not Panic. 
  • Talk to your Guru and Keep practicing advised method with dedication and discipline.  
  • Learn to be patient with self. 
  • See self in an impartial way and accept all sorrows and inadequacies without being harsh towards self. 
  • Don't answer every question or analyze conditions, mind bring in front of you. 
  • Do not entertain thoughts of resentment, pity; anger etc.  
  • ALLOW thoughts as well as emotions to come on surface. Do not push them to stop, JUST OBSERVE & LET THEM GO.  
  • Do not follow the mind's stories about people, circumstances, activities, events etc. 
  • If an emotion is so strong that it is overpowering, apply the AWARENESS and bring back focus to Mantra, Breathing or God.

It is very important to understand that Energy takes its own path as per requirement and it does not work as per your expectations.  This rule is also applicable on cessation of thoughts and balancing of emotions. When you look forward for slowing of thoughts, they might increase, because cleaning is happening at it's best as per necessity. So ACCEPT the situation without resistance, do not Give Up and Be in touch with your Guru.  

The key of success is withdrawal within every time when mind tries to grab you and believe me IT WORKS  If you are Truthful in pursuance of God !!!