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Horoscope matching is an important part of Indian astrology. It is believed that only when the planetary situations of two people are in sync with each other, can it lead to a happily married life. A benefic planet for love and marriage makes things go very smoothly while a malefic planet makes things very difficult and can even lead to divorce. This is needed to make a marriage long lasting and successful. The horoscope matching for 2 people is done based on 8 different aspects and 36 characteristics or gunas. If any problem is seen, then remedial measures for such problems are also suggested. If horoscopes are not matched properly, then it can lead to a lot of unpleasantness, even divorce. The major points that are matched are:

1. Longevity: If there is a vast difference between the longevities of the 2 horoscopes, then a marriage is not recommended for the 2 people.

2. Mental compatibility: Mental makeup of both the people is analyzed based on their behavior, temper and nature to compromise and love for each other. Only if there is a good match, is marriage recommended for the 2 people.

3. Physical compatibility: Physical attraction between the couple is very necessary for a marriage to survive.

3. Children: The horoscopes are analyzed separately for confirm atleast one child for the couple.

4. Health: Major impending health issues are analyzed in both horoscopes since they cause distress in the family

5. Separation: Both horoscopes are analyzed for possibility of separation or divorce.

6. Financial stability: Individual financial growth of the boy and the girl are checked.

Guna Milan is the way to match horoscopes. Guna Milan consists of 8 areas where matching of horoscopes based on birth charts is checked for 2 people. Each point is given a score, with the maximum score of 36. For a successful marriage, a minimum of 16 gunas should match but a minimum of 18 is required for a good match. The 8 areas considered are:

1. Varna: This contributes 1 point to the guna milan. It refers to the level of divine development of the male and female. It is considered auspicious for both the partners to fall in the same varna. It implies that both have similar level of spiritual development and leads to a strong emotional link between them. It also implies mutual compatibility in common activities and emotions. Varna is important for the emotional and psychological matching required in a marriage.

2. Vasya: This measures the dominance compatibility or the level of compromise shown by the wife and the husband in their married life. It is allotted 2 points out of 36. This is estimated based on the moon sign of the people. If the moon signs are friendly towards each other then it is considered a good match. Both partners have a similar system of values and hence, can be friends.

3. Tara: This suggests the degree of auspiciousness of the girl for the boy and the boy for the girl. It suggests the common interests and resolution of conflicts between the 2. If tara matches for the 2, then they can inspire each other to attain higher level both personally and professionally.

4. Yoni: This contributes to 4 points out of 36. This is a match for sexual compatibility of the couple which is very important for a successful marriage. If yoni matches, then both of them will enjoy each otherís company in romance, travel, sports, etc. They will have similar taste in art and social beliefs also.

5. Grah Maitri: This gives a contribution of 5 points out of 36 gunas. It is based on the day-to-day behavior, matching of views and interests for both. It is estimated based on the Lord of the sign in which Moon is placed in both the natal charts. The religious, social and ethical values of running a family are assessed here.

6. Gana: This gives 6 points out of the 36 gunas. This gives an assessment of the general nature of the male and the female. This is based on the Moon nakshatra and people are divided mainly into 3 ganas:

      a. Dev (Divine)

      b. Manushya (Human)

      c. Rakshasa (Diabolical)

If the gana does not match then there are a lot of quarrels in the couple over finances.Dishonesty is also a possibility in such a case.

7. Nadi: This provides 8 points of the total of 36. It is considered to be the most important of all the other areas. A pair having the same nadi usually faces problems related to their child. Nadi takes a deep look at the mental, religious and sub-conscious compatibility of the 2 people. Incompatibility in Nadi is called Nadi dosha and is a sufficient reason to deny marriage. There are 3 kinds of Nadis representing the nature of an individual:

      a. Adi (Start)

      b. Madhya (Middle)

      c. Antya (End)

8. Bhakoot:  Bhakoot or bhukta contributes 7 out of 36 points in guna milan. It is used to judge whether the pair will have physical condition, longevity, agreement, prosperity, peaceful coexistence to have a happy life together. It is assessed by comparing oneís moon sign from the otherís. If the combination is not good then the couple can be dishonest to each other. This can lead to problems for the progeny as well, with particular danger of miscarriage or premature death of a child.

Guna Milan is not the only thing considered while matching horoscopes. Other planetary alignments, Doshas, Vimshottari dashas are also considered when horoscopes are deeply analyzed for marriage.

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