Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire or Neelam is used to harmonize the effect of Saturn. Shani or Saturn represents longevity, discipline, authority, ambition, leadership, honesty, perfection, humility, elders, denial, delays, misery, adversity, accidents, conservatism and dutifulness. Its role is often symbolized as a servant. Its influence is often seen as restrictive or obstructive yet its influence also seeks to bring balance.
The word sapphire means beloved pattern. The blue sapphire carries blue ray on harmony, nourishing the mind giving perfective and putting the thought in order. It also increases mental flexibility and health and individual achieve master of the self mind, body and spirit. Sapphire is about clearing and focusing the mind which is the key to soul growth.
It provides good servants, happiness, prosperity, name, fame, land, good luck, building and properties, advancement in profession and favors from government. It bestows good health and success in all ventures. It also ensures success in politics. One could become either a King or a great scholar by wearing Blue Sapphire.
It protects danger while travelling and eases mental unrest and various forms of madness. It also protects the wearer from all sorts of evil spirits, spells, black magic, witch craft and prevents fear.
BLUE SAPPHIRE is a healing GEM stone; it heals all kinds of wounds. It also cures all sorts of diseases and makes the wearer vital and strong.

Price : Rs 29000-31000

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