It is also known as Vidruma . This is stone for Mangal which is like a general with its focus on precision and power in activity. Mars is responsible for the field of activity, energy, courage, ambition, sports, property, strength, commander, technical ability, mechanical, forcefulness creativity, passion, wisdom, enthusiasm and bravery.
A red coral removes obstacles and averts accidents. In financial matters, it grants land and property, and makes him debt free. Its use also helps in removing impediments that could be delaying one's marriage. It nullifies Kuja dosha and promotes marriage. It also bestows good health, longevity, name, fame children, intelligence, good fortune, domestic harmony, success in professional life and happiness. It saves one from natural calamities like thunder, floods and fires It cures all kinds of mental diseases, physical diseases and difficulties. Woman with history of abortion can wear this for successful delivery after in depth analysis.

Price : Rs 4800-5800

Siddha Gems and Stones