Mukta or pearl is the most valued of the organic gems. A pearl is a very special and exclusive gift of nature considered universally as the oldest known gem.
Pearl represents the queen in Jyotish. The pearl is often called the "queen of the sea". Chandra, the moon, occupies a central role in the solar system and influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms in our physiology.
The pearl harmonizes the moon which directly influences emotions, mind, affluence, and public. Wearing a pearl can bring harmony and stability to these influences so one gets freedom from mental disturbances. This is an excellent gem for meditation. It inspires purity, honesty, innocence, integrity, concentration, meditation and tranquility. Pearl gives happiness from mother, good memory, success in educational fields and ensures good health, long life and improves finances.
It is prescribed for deficiency of calcium, heart diseases, diabetes, gastric disorders, breathing troubles, uterine disorders, eye diseases, hysteria, lung disorders, pleurisy, insanity and other mental diseases.

Price : Rs 1900-2200

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