Yellow Saphire

Pushparaga or yellow sapphire harmonizes and benefits Guru or Jupiter. Guru is the major instructor or teacher and influences action with the highest order and balance. It symbolizes universal. Guru guides action in the most harmonious and uplifting manner and balances inner and outer input while simultaneously performing and monitoring action.
It signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, intellect, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity, love, affection, spiritual knowledge and charity. It is very helpful for progeny and child birth. It is excellent in financial matters and business stability.
It will bless the native with good children. It also acts as a protective charm. Those who find obstruction in the progress of their educational field, or those who suffer losses from property matters should wear Yellow Sapphire for removal of their difficulties.
In medical astrology, it is prescribed for calcium deficiency, heart diseases, insanity and mental diseases

Price : Rs 29000-31000

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