BagulaMukhi Yantra

Baglamukhi practice is one of the ten ancient Mahavidyas. In Kaliyug, its effectiveness could be seen in every fiels. Baglamukhi Sadhna is considered the best to feel superior than your enemies, to destroy the powerful enemies, to remove the obstacles created by ghosts and spirits, to win the legal disputes and for all round development and progress. Yogis, Tantriks and Mantriks have praised it immensely, And they believe that when all other yantras and Mantras fail, Baglamukhi Yantra and Mantra are fully effective.

Its called victory winner as Baglamukhi yantra is effective as a memo of acheiving success power and dominance over enemies. This yantra also offers protection for cuts, scars, operations and accidents, law suits, success in quarrels and competitions. Baglamukhi Yantra can stop the movement of stars also. Thus, Baglamukhi Yantra is effective to nullify the adverse effects of malefic planets and stars in one's horoscope. A person who is wearing Baglamukhi Yantra, Kavach or locket can not be affected or harmed by any Tantrik or by killing efforts. Baglamukhi yantra is very effective to ward off the evil effects of souls and Yakshani also to get success in gambling. Baglamukhi yantra should be written or embossed on copper, brorze or Silver or Gold. It is worn in neck as well as kept in the puja ghar. It's pooja be performed through yellow beads, rosary and yellow dress through Beej Mantra to be recited daily. 

Due to effectiveness and capabilities of Baglamukhi Yantra, it is considered the best in the field of Yantra-Tantra. 

Having Bagulamukhi Yantra gives you the protection from your enemies an evil forces. 

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