Promotion in Job

If you have problem in getting promotion in your job or carrier in spite of all good qualities than this service is for you.

With the highly sophisticated system of astrology and Tantra we can help you to get the best in life. Which path (Astrological remedies or Tantra remedies) will help you is decided by the positions of planets at the birth time.

The Tantra anusthan is performed for difficult planets which are creating hurdles and there malefic effects are not controlled by the simple astrological remedies. The type of anusthan will totally depend on planetary position in your horoscope. This Anusthan is done by Rajguru to get your desired results.

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What you will get in this service...
In this service we give you a dedicated, time-tested and siddha solution which gives you the desired result. It also includes Some do's and don'ts.

Consultancy charges depends on the type of work.

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Tantra Astrology