Remove Negative Energies

if we say some one has negative energy it means that you dont feel good in their company as these people always try to show you down. They will make you realize that you are good for nothing . They will not let you become a better person .Such kind of people fill you with negative energy and you always feel drained of energy when you get away from them. As a result you start generating negative energy of your own .
People who do not have a strong will power are generally attacked by such negative energies in crowded places like shopping malls , supermarkets etc. When allow to accumulate negative energies result in illness like migraine , headache , chronic fatigue.
Such  energies are present at metaphysical level can be sensed only by sensitive people. These energies create problems in health , work ,relation n many other ways.
Negative energy can be diagnosed and healed through Vedic Astrological consultation including effective remedies (special power Zodiac pendant Kavach/Gems/donations/prayers/Mantras/Yagyas) for malefic planets, follow the rule of trusting in God but staying on Guard astrologically. The Tantra work is done by Rajguru to get your desired results when astrological remedies take time.

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