Tantra Anushthans are used to solve difficult problems in minimum time frame. When one takes a vow to fulfill a vrat (sensory form of regulation or rectification) or sets of vrats as part of larger undertaking, in which the combination of related vows and practices becomes the primary focus of hi life during a specific period then the entire process is known as anushthan. or spiritual retreat or ritual performance. 
Anushthan comprises different type of worships with the help of the mantras to minimize the harmful effect of planets or remove any kind of negative energy. It requires proper method, faith and concentration. The anushthan to be performed is based on detailed Horoscope analysis and consist of certain acts of worship, performed at specified time, date, day, place, under specified conditions, in abeyance of certain rules & regulations, in order to minimize, overcome or eliminate the malefic effects of planets and other negative influences, which might be presently affecting one's life by creating problems, hurdles, failures, distress and calamities . These anushthans are very powerful tool to combat these evil effects & negative influences, and enable one to control his misfortunes, solve his any kind of problems and his life. One gets the result within 90 days of starting the anushthan. The charges of Tantra anushthan depends on the type of work.

It does happen at times when even the Mantra fails to work due to the malefic effects of certain planets in a person's horoscopes and it is the times when Tantra is practiced. In those times, the tantric sounds work miracles and helps the person to overcome all the hurdles.

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