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Chaitra Navratri 2021 – Dates, Importance and Everything you Need to Know

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This year, chaitra navratri 2021 is starting on April 13. In India, this festival is celebrated with huge enthusiasm to honor Goddess Durga and all her forms.

Originally, this festival is dedicated to nine auspicious days, but some people do not know how to make these precious days pleasing to their God, so today you will get all the information in this article for this year’s Navratri.

Chaitra Navratri 2021

Navaratri (nine auspicious nights) will start from April 13. People all over India observe the auspicious Navratri twice and both times with equal joy and enthusiasm and also perform different pujas to please the Gods and Goddesses. This time Chaitra Navratri 2021 will be celebrated as a festival in the month of March-April, also known as Vasant Navaratri as it falls in the spring.

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In fact, Chaitra Navaratri brings a golden opportunity so that people remember Goddess Durga and all their forms so that the Goddess can be happy with her Archana and preserve her happiness and happiness over them. The first day of Chaitra Navratri is considered to be the first day of the Hindu calendar which is celebrated during the full moon phase aka the Shukla Paksha phase.

Chaitra Navratri 2021 will dedicate a different form of Goddess Durga on auspicious nine days and that is why the rituals will vary from day to day. 

Different forms (avtars) of durga during Chaitra Navratri

  • Shailputri
  • Brahmacharini
  • Chandraghanta
  • Kushmanda
  • Skandmata
  • Katyayani
  • Kaalratri
  • Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri

Chaitra navratri start date

  1. Day 1- 13th April on Tuesday (Pratipada)
  2. Day 2- 14th April on Wednesday (Dwitiya)
  3. Day 3- 15th April on Thursday (Tritiya)
  4. Day 4- 16th April on Friday (Chturthi)
  5. Day 5- 17th April on Saturday (Panchami)
  6. Day 6- 18th April on Sunday (Shasthi)
  7. Day 7- 19th April on Monday (Saptami)
  8. Day 8- 20th April on Tuesday (Annapurna Ashtami- Sandhi Puja)
  9. Day 8- 21st April on Wednesday (Rama Navami)
  10. Day 9- 22nd April on Thursday) dashami, Navratri Parana

Chaitra navratri puja vidhi

Before beginning the Puja of Chaitra Navratri 2021, it will be beneficial to invoke Lord Ganesha (Vighnaharta) and seek his blessings for the obstacle-free Navratri fast. Chanting specific mantras can help you attract Goddess Durga. Chanting mantras dedicated to Goddess Shailputri on the first day of Navratri can be very emotional.

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Worship of Navaratri may be similar, but mantra and bhoga will be of different types for each of the nine forms of Mother.

Worship Panchopachara by offering Gandham, Pushpam, Deepam, Sugandham and Naivedyam (blog).

Chaitra Navratri puja muhurat

The most auspicious time of worship of Chaitra Navratri 2021 is from 05:00 AM to 28:00 AM on 13 April, the duration of which is auspicious for 04 hours 15 minutes.

According to Indian astrologers, it is auspicious to do Navaratri in the double lagna lagna ascendant. According to astrology, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are a dual nature, so worship should be started in this Lagna.

Chaitra Navratri puja samagri

  • Certain Mango leaves or betel leaves
  • A Kalash (copper/bronze/brass/silver). Avoid steel or plastic kalash.
  • Brown coconut with its husk
  • Haldi, Kumkmum, Chandan, Akshat, Water, Currency coins
  • fresh red cloth piece
  • Flowers
  • An earthen tray or a plate bigger than the Kalash
  • Nav Dhanya
  • Brown soil or clay

Makeup items such as vermilion, mehndi, kajal, bindi, bangles, toe, comb, Alta, mirror, anklet, perfume, earrings, nose pins, necklace, red chunri, Mahavir, hairpin, and other things included in the puja method do.

Navratri puja 2021

These are some essential information that you need to consider before Navratri Puja 2021. By doing these steps, you can simply impress your goddess or gods that have nine different forms of Durga. Go through the information ideas about Chitra Navratri 2021 to know the start and end dates.

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