Rashiphal for the year 2013


ARIES- As the governing planet Mars is high in position , relations with elite and honoured people will be established . Sources providing income enough for survival only will be generated . Privilages like vehicle etc. will be enjoyed . At the end of the month income will be less while expenditure will be more . Family problems may increase .

TAURUS- The governing planet of this sign Venus is in the eighth house . Health will not be in excellent condition. You will notice increase in aggression .  Enemies/opposite party will try to harm you . After 17 , interest in religious activities will increase and most of the time will be spent in pious activities . Daily recitation of shree sookt will be beneficial .

GEMINI- Sun and Mercury both are aspecting this house together. In the initial half of the month , good results will be seen . There will be more earning resources but with this expenditures are likely to be on higher side.  In the latter half of the month , as a result of mars and mercury being together , disruption in work will be seen and health will be affected .

CANCER- At the beginning of the month , due to combined effect of Mars and Saturn , disruption in work , mental stress , unknown tensions , fear of getting hurt in accidents , problems in land and property related issues will be seen . Circumstances will start getting normal after 25th of January.

LEO- Till 13th of january , due to the effect of Saturn over the governing planet Sun , differences in close relations will be seen . Because of the effect of Mars till 25th , you will be active and enthusiastic but health will be affected and unimportant expenditures may take place.

VIRGO- Till 15th of January , mercury will be in debilated condition in saggitarius.  Because of this status of mercury and  due to the effect of Saturn , a lot of struggle will be seen . Apart from this, disruption in work , declining health , increased tendency to get angry and unnecessary running around will be there. Expenditures will be high. 

LIBRA-As a result of communication between Saturn and RAHU as well as due to sade sati of Saturn , disruption in progress will be seen . Expenditure will be more than income . Undue mental stress will also be seen . After 4th January , as a result of interaction between Venus, Sun and mercury in the zodiac sign Sagittarius ,relations with new friends will be established . In the latter half of the month family problems will be encountered .However planning for doing something new may take place .

SCORPIO- Due to the effect of sade sati of Saturn ,disruption in work may be seen . An increase in family and economical problems may be seen . Disturbed and dissatisfied state of mind will be encountered . But as the governing planet Mars will be in a high position in the third house , opportunities for  financial advantage in trade/business may come across . Relations with elite and honoured people may be established and there will be development of tendency of working hard .

SAGITTARIUS- Saturn and RAHU being in an advantageous position and due to third aspect of saturn  , your hardwork may enlighten the path of progress and financial advantage . However ,issues related to your children may bother you . Apart from this disturbed and dissatisfied state of mind will be seen. In the latter half of the month , circumstances will change . Expenditure will be more . Sources of entertainment will be enjoyed . Mind will be devoted to work .

CAPRICORN- Mars being high in rank till 24 january , communication may provide opportunities for financial gain and immediate progress . As the governing planet Saturn is high in position , progress in job/business will be seen . Opportunities for increase in income will be seen . However immediate expenditure and mental stress will be encountered .

AQUARIUS- Due to exalted position of governing star Saturn at house of luck , opportunities for financial gain and promotion will be seen . Inspite of this income will be able to fulfill only necessary demands.   At the end of the month  sources of income will increase but income will be less as compared to the expenditure.

PISCES- Effect of dhaiya of shani still will be there. Disruption in work , decline in health , mental stress will be seen . The governing planet Jupiter being in the third house will lead to problems in business . Decrease in income and unexpected expenditure may be seen . Worship of goddess Laxmi may prove helpful.


ARIES- The governing planet Mars is at a low position in eleventh house so, income will be less as compared to the expenditure. Sources of income will come up after a lot of struggle. VRITHA BHAAGDODH, mental stress and differences in close relations may be seen .

TAURUS- At the beginning of the month, Moon will be in sixth house and saturn and rahu yoga will be in libra sign.Therefore disruption in daily routine, increased expenditure and increase in privilages will be seen. After 10th of February , the governing planet Venus will face a decline so health will be affected , expenditure will increase and more struggle will be encountered .

GEMINI- After 2nd of February the governing planet Mercury all be present at the position of luck . There will be an increase in luck and relations with elite an honoured people will be established. You will experience an increase in enthusiasm and expenditure an religious activities in family will take place. After 20th of February relations with an honoured personality will provide opportunities for progress. However undue mental stress and unknown tensions may be seen.

CANCER-Till 12th of February due to presence of Sun in the seventh house possibility of undue arguments, mental stress, official problems and harm by enemies/opposite side is there. Decline in Saturn will cause decrease in income and family problems. Circumstances will improve after 22nd of February.

LEO-Till 12th of February Sun will be present in sixth house and Mars will aspect this house from seventh aspect . Due to this there will be an increased tendency to get angry and disruption and delay in work will be seen. After 12th due to combined effect of Sun and Mars , an increase unnecessary running around, money gain, respect will happen. But any work done in anger or haste will be harmful. Beware !

VIRGO- After 2nd February family problems will be encountered. Even after a lot of struggle not much profit will be seen in business. Due to effect of sadhe sati of  Saturn as well as aspect of GURU  will bring difficulties. Earning will suffice only necessary demands. Health will decline and undue mental stress will be experienced. Expenditure will be more.

LIBRA- Till 21st of February governing planet Venus will remain in 4th house and interactions between Saturn and RAHU will take place. Therefore many changes in the field of business and ups and downs will be faced. Chances of transfer or some change in place  are also there. After 22nd, circumstances will show improvement and expenditure on religious activities in the family may take place. Foreign contacts may provide gain.

SCORPIO- The governing planet mars being in the fourth house may provide sources of income to meet your daily demands. Interest in religious activities will be seen. But due to the effect of sadhe sati of Saturn, disturbed and dissatisfied state of mind will be encountered. After 20th health problems, mental stress and increased expenditure may be there. Family problems may happen.

SAGITTARIUS- A lot of struggle and ups and downs will be seen in the area of work at the beginning of the month. Disruptions in planned works may be seen. At the end of the month expenditure on religious activity will take place. Family problems may arise.

CAPRICORN- Due to effect of planet venous, income will be enough only to fulfill the demands. Expenditure on religious activities will take place. After 22nd circumstances will improve and happiness in family will occur.

AQUARIUS- Due to effect of Mars, problems at workplace and family will be seen. Expenditure will be more as compared to income. Chances of getting hurt in an accident are present. After 12th communication between Mars, Sun and Jupiter may lead to disruption in work, health problems and stress may be seen. Unnecessary  strain may happen.

PISCES- The governing planet Jupiter is in the third house and dhaiya of Saturn will give mixed result. Inspite of a lot of struggle in job/business financial gain will be seen. Interest and expenditure in religious activites will be seen. Undue hassels, mental stress, unknown tensions, differences with sibblings/cousins may be observed.

MARCH 2013

ARIES - At the beginning of the month- there will be disruption in sources of income, mental stress and anger. After 5th of March increase inexpenditure, long tours, gain from foreign contacts but problems in family may be seen. Tough time in business may be seen.

TAURUS - Increase in source of income due to the effect of Jupiter. Interest and expenditure in religious activities will be there. After 17th chances of immediate financial gain is there. Expenditure on sources of entertainment will be there but problems related to children will also be seen.

GEMINI - The governing planet mercury will be positioned in the area of luck so there will be an increase in luck and contacts with elite and honoured people will be established. Busy life will be seen in area of job/business. After 15th relations with new friends will improve. Interest in religious activities will increase. Undue mental stress, declining health and unknown fears may be seen.

CANCER - Due to dhaiya of Saturn disruption in work , unnecessary running around , mental stress and struggle in job/business may be seen. In the latter half of the month income will be sufficient to meet expanse only. Expenditure and interest in the area of entertainment will be seen.

LEO - Till 14th due to the effect of Sun,financial gain and increase in hassels will be seen. Beware of anger. After 14th  some health  issues and differences with father may be seen. Opportunities of progress at workplace may arise but mind may remain in a disturbed state due to family problems.

VIRGO - At the beginning of month, an increase in sources of income will be there. Chances of a good news from your life partner or children are there. Problems at workplace and family due to Saturn and Jupiter which will keep your mind in a disturbed state. Fear of getting hurt in an accident or chance of fluctuation in health  is there. Chanting of Ram Raksha strot may prove helpful.

LIBRA - At the beginning of the month angry mind and disruption in work will be encountered. After 4th hardwork and struggle will lead to good results. Be careful while driving. Chance of getting hurt in an accident is present. Undue hassels and Mental stress after 20th.
SCORPIO - Planning for something new will take place . Gain from foreign contacts is seen. Delay and Disruption in work due effect of Saturn's sadhe sati . After 24th progress at workplace and help of a special person may help you to accomplish a pending job. Financial problems may be faced.
SAGITTARIUS - Success in some preplanned work will be there. Conditioned at workplace will be medium. The governing planet Jupiter being in the sixth house may cause disruption in work and decline in health. In the latter half of the month chances of unexpected tour are there. Fear of enemy and expenditure will be seen.
CAPRICORN - Expenditure will be more as compared to income . Help from friends and relatives will be less. In the latter half progress in workplace and better financial conditions will be seen. A pending work may be completed . Chances of tour are there.
AQUARIUS -  Till 14th , due to communication between Mars and Sun declining health , mental stress, problems related to eyes and disruption in work may be seen. Circumstances may improve in the latter half but problems in occupation may be seen due to effect of Saturn-RAHU.
PISCES - Due to dhaiya of Saturn expenditure will be more than income. Undue hassels and unnecessary expenditure will increase. Financial loss and declining health, disruption in work will be seen. After 14th , due to communication between Sun and Mars , unnecessary anger and fear of enemy will be there. Sources of income will be enough only for maintenance of essential need.

April - 2013

ARIES -  In the beginning of the month,  sustainable income in spite of the struggle will continue to create. After 12th Sun in Aries and after 13 sun will be at highest position , which will bring benefit from funding and promotion! But mental stress and problems in domestic life will increase!

TAURUS - In the early part of the month, work area will keep you busy. Efforts done in earlier time will succeed in the last days of this month! Your family members and friends will support you! After putting lot of hard work you will see success in a paused task.  From the sankranti of vaishakh , reading of the text of the Vaishakh Mahatamy and donation of cereals, fruits on that day according to capacity will bring good results.

GEMINI -  Up to 8th april luck will improve and contact with high authority people will be established because of mercury place at place of luck. From 9th april to 28th april mental instability and tensions will be there! In the family you will notice some domestic complications! You will make money as much as to earn your livelihood. With the increase in the earning from 28 onwards expenditures will also increase!

CANCER - In this month you will notice improvement in the working condition! You will get sustainable source of income! With the help of a friend a problamatic situation will be resolved.Some auspicious rituals/ functions at home may be performed! Some success according to expectations can be there! Wxpenditures will be on higher side. After 12th april there will be increase in anger, impulse and irritation.

LEO -This month you will get mixed results. Income and expenditures will be same. Family stress and complications will be there.  Opportunities for advancement in business or duty are foreseen! You wont be able to take proper advantage of those opportunities. From vaishakh sankranti read daily vaishakhy mahaatamy and take bath in holy river to nullify the bad effect.

VIRGO - low income and expenses will be more. Your mental status will not be at ease. Sustainable income will be achieved only after lot of hard. Growth and profit opportunities you will get only after hard work. Sun worship and donations and recitation of vaishakh mahatamy from vaishakh sankrant will bring good result.

LIBRA -  Till 12th if you work with enthusiasm and devotion than you can get benefit in terms of money and advancement. After 13th you may notice disturbances in the planned works.Your income will be less and expenditures will be more. Health disorders and domestic complications will be on higher side.

SCORPIO -  In the beginning of the month,you will come in contact with superior people.You will earn enough to sustain yourself. Though you will get money profits and land benefits, there are possibilities of tensions and restlessness too.Life will be unnecessarily hectic.
SAGITTARIUS - There will be some delay in implementation of planned works. From 15 onwards there will be partial success in business and expenditures will be more on entertainment. There will be hurdles in work because of anger and impulse. On 26, 27 some financial trouble may arise but you will get support from family.
CAPRICORN - There will be some uncertanity in business. Income will be less and expenditure will be more. After 26 contact with prestigious people may prove beneficial.
AQUARIUS - At your home, there will be some limbo situation. Income will be less and expenditures will be high.You can face some tough challenges in this time.Works that were going smoothly will face some delays or problems. You will also be more lazy than usual. Some long journeys and mental tensions is foreseen.
PISCES -  In the begining of month you will meet prestigious people. You will get opportunities for profits. You will have some differences and squabble with the family members. Unnecessary running around will be there and profit in business will not be up to the mark.

MAY 2013

ARIES - In the beginning of month because of sun, mars, mercury , venus and ketu combination in this zodiac, business will show unstability and uncertainty.Health will not be n goosd state. There will be increase in aggression. In family there can be differences in opinion. . Expenditures will be more.. someone can cheat you in this time. After 22 there will be some improvement in the situation.
TAURUS - In the early part of month benefit be less and outgo will be more. After 4th of may and till because of conjuction of venus and jupitor in taurus situation will improve to some extent. Inflow of money will increase and you will find some success in stalled work. Expenditures will be on some auspicious work and propitious journey. after 29 some health related issues, mental tensions and hurdles in smoothly going works can be there.
GEMINI - There are unexpected chances for both wealth generation and progress.There will be some obstacles in your planned works. Issues related to your health and children can trouble you. In the later part of month there an be unexpected journeys, expenditures and change/move can take place. 
CANCER - Till 23rd because of inauspicious look of mars at this sign will bring hurdles in business/work and lack of material comfort. Enemies will try to hurt you. Spending will be on higher side. After 24th some good changes may take place. Money will be spent on auspicious activities. Inclination towards religious activity will increase.
LEO - Till 14th lord of this zodiac will be in its best position because of which contacts in different part of country and outside the country will be established.There will be plans made for some foreign trips.From 23rd onward you will be able to earn only enough money for sustenance. Family atmosphere will be happy because of some good opportunities. Money outflow will be at higher side. 

VIRGO- In the initial part of month there will be obstacles in your planned work. You can face some loss in monetary terms.From time period between 13 - 27th May you can notice improvement in stalled work and in financial status.Some instability in business is expected after 27th of May.

LIBRA - From 13 to 27th May because of aspect of venus at own house mixed results will be there. Your income will increase but expenses will also be high. From date 4 to 28 at times finance will show some improvement. There can be good results yielding journeys and a get together in family may take place.Some mental worries and health issues can bother you in this month.

SCORPIO - Benefit in the matter related to property and land is there in this month. Contacts and union with the higher authorities will be made.Sources of income will be enough to sustain yourself.Towards the end of the month, there will be some roadblocks in your work. You will notice increase in anger and anxiety. Risk of physical injury is also there.

SAGITTARIUS - Jupiter will move through sixth house in this month because of which health will be not in good frame. Some stomach ailment and liver issues can bother you.You can be prone for some injuries in this time.

CAPRICORN - Some struggle in field of business will be there because of inauspicious aspect of Jupiter. Partnership work will show some loss and unmanifested tensions can trouble your mind. After 20th there will be increase in income, material comfort and benefit from foreign association.

AQUARIUS - Zodiac lord saturn will be in retrograde position, because of which decisions taken in haste may not prove beneficial. Someone can cheat you. In the last part of the month some improvement in the stalled work and aptitude towards religion will be there.
PISCES - At the beginning of the month there will be some family related problems.At the month end, there will be some improvement in the existing work area. Some auspicious events may occur in family. You will be introduced to new people and your interest working overseas may develop.  
June 2013
Aries - This month will yield mixed fruits. With your courage and hard work, means of income will increase. Relationship will establish with Highly distinguished individuals. But due to  the influence of Ketu planet on this zodiac sign, problems will erupt because of both mental stress and unwanted people.
Taurus - Inspite of obstacles and hurdles, you will succeed in profits and jobs. Work pressure will increase in business. Thoughts will develop to make some changes in the business plan. Meeting with dear and near ones will take place. But in the later half of the month family problems, body pain, running around in vain, uneasy mind and dissatisfaction will exist.
Gemini - Due to conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Sun till 22 June, expenses will be incurred on entertainment and amusement activities etc. There will be happy moments in the  family occasion. But there will exist ​​obstacles and hurdles in the task near to completion , feeble health and hidden worries. From 26 June onwards, due to retrograde position of Mercury, trouble may arise in trading work.
Cancer - Unexpected profit is expected in this month. There will be favorable position to some extent in the business. Brothers and friends will be supportive. Benefit will be gained in Land and vehicles etc. Concerns regarding the progeny will be there due to Saturn dhaiya . From 22 June onwards, due to the influence of Venus on Cancer, money will be spent unnecessary on auspicious journey and also on auspicious work.
Leo - From the starting of the month, new relationship will develop through old friends due to the sight of  the Sun's 3rd position on Venus - Rahu. Oportunities are there for  improvement in some spoiled work as well as for accidental profits. But by the end of the month, fight against domestic complications and various kinds of trouble in the family will be there. More expenses will be incurred and there will be mental stress as well.
Virgo - Attempts made in the past will succeed and contact with the eminent person will be beneficial. Possession of land and acquiring vehicle would be possible. But there may be stress in job due to hight officials. Due to the sadhe saati postion of Saturn and tength position of Mercury, interruption in some spoiled works, running around in vain  and stress will exist. But sustainable sources of income will keep coming.
Libra - On account of vision of the fifth position of Sun, there will be some gradually improvement in the past situation. But due to the impression of Saturn - Rahu, there will  be mixed impact of both.  Liasoning wih highly prestigious personalities and sources of income would keep coming. From 27 June onwards, avoid anger and aggravation.  There will lay fear of injury etc. Be Cautious.
Scorpio - Having vision of own Principle planet Mars, chances to gain money will be obtained. Liasoning wih highly prestigious personalities will take place. But accidentally  expenses will incur in excess, loss of funds and fear of injury will be there. From 25-26 June, be cautious while give and take. Possibility of deception will remain.
Sagittarius - Due to the vision of Sun on his own house,  sources of income will increase. Expenses will increase overwhelmingly. Interest in religion work as well as respect and prestige will increase. But from 22 June onwards rage, family estrangement, feeble health and some differences with father  will continue.  There will be an inclination towards desirous work.
Capricorn - In the first half of the month, funds will be received.  Useless expenditure will increase. There will be expansion and enhancement in the means of fun and  entertainment. Inclination towards religious work will also be there.  But in the later half of the month,  mind will be afflicted due to family troubles. Stress will exist due to accidental increase in expenditure. Saturday would be good day to fast.
Aquarius - promises will be fulfilled to some extent. Due to the position of Saturn at house of luck - Rahu, profits and growth opportunities would occur accidentally. The attempt to operationalize
the new tasks will be beneficial. By the month end some spoilt work will be impaired by the hard work. But the expenses will be more. Recitation of Sri Sukta would be good.
Pisces - In the starting of the month, there will be more expenses and inspite of complications more money to spend, confusion, some progress will be marked in sustainable
 income and foreign affairs. But due to Saturn's dhaiya, mind will be restless and dissatisfied.  Some problems may arise in respect to property.

July 2013

ARIES - Results will be mixed kind in nature. You can plan about new projects. Business will be medium. Some or other work will keep you busy. You can get a chance to meet a relative who is settled in abroad. Unnecessary running around will be there. Expenditures will be high. Health and family will demand attention. Chanting of Shri Durga Saptshati will prove beneficial.  

TAURUS - At the beginning of the month, increase in the income will be there but money will get spend on material comfort. Some auspicious rituals/ functions at home may be performed. After 17th you can face some problems related to health and family. Situation of unnecessary argument will arise.Time is not favorable so be careful while marketing. 

GEMINI - Mixed results you will obtain in this time. In spite of hurdles there will be addition to the income because of courage.Though you will get family support but being too busy you wont be able to utilize all the opportunities. Temperament will be fragile and you can experience some uneasiness in mind.

CANCER - Because of dhaiya of SATURN yoga for physical, mental troubles and health suffering is there. Gains will be less and expenditures will be on higher side.Different type of complexities you can face in this time. From 16th May sun will go through this zodiac because of which distance and conflicts among family members will be there. Worship Lord Surya to negate the malefic effect.   

LEO - Bent of mind will be more towards spirituality. You will get credit for efforts by your seniors. Chance of progress in job is there. Peace of home will be disturbed because of friends. Because of impulse, work area can see some detoriation.At the end of month spoiled work can get some improvement with the help of senior / establish person.

VIRGO - Zodiac lord Mercury will be in its own house, because of which improvement in daily work will be there. Spoiled works will see some improvement.There will be new paths for progressing in your money and job/ business. Well being of family will please you.You will spend money on some auspicious activity.Some tensions will be there due to sade sati of shani. In spite of doing good you will get bad in return. Some financial worries will also be there.

LIBRA - Because of sade sati and movement of Saturn and Rahu in this zodiac after hard work you aquire benefit in finance and comfort. Your money will be spent on some auspicious activities but worthless activities will be there. Avoid situation of confrontation. After 24th task related to foreign country may face up and down.

SCORPIO - From 4th july health can bother you because mars will be in eighth house, which is the house of diseases and problems. You can face some unnecessary hurdles in your work. You will incresae inimpusive behaviour. Situation will be struggleful.Expenditur will be more than income. Some mental uneasiness will also be there.

SAGITTARIUS - Income will be enough for survival only will be generated . expenditures are likely to be on higher side on entertainment and amenities.  A plesant atmosphere will be at home. Contact with prestigious people will be established. There can be some mental worries after 26th.

CAPRICORN - In the initial part of month benfit of money and education will be there.  Money will be spent on material comfort. Life partner and children will give you sense of happiness. After 20th hurdles will be there in business. There can be some fruitless journeys and unnecessary spending.

AQUARIUS - This month financial situation situation will be better. Work area will keep you engage. Respect will increase in society. Foreign related activities have the potential to be a success. At the end of the month unexpected good news and benefit you will get.

PISCES - Because of dhaiya of saturn unstability in business is expected. Expenditure will be more than income. After 10th money will not be according to hard work. In the family tension and ideological differences will be there. At the end of the month purchase or sell of the land plan may crss your mind but you can face some problems in dealing.

August 2013

ARIES - You will get mixed results of success and failure in this month. At the start of the month business will be medium. You can get some good news either from family or life partner. Pending task related to abroad will see progress with the help of an important person.You will gain only with efforts. After 18 august you will notice decrease in happiness and problems related to house / family can trouble you.

TAURUS - Progress in planned works may be seen.There will be an increase in expenditure on material comforts. After 11th concern related to children, health and family will trouble you because of debilitated condition of venus.There will be low income and more expanses.

GEMINI - You will get mixed results in this month. Though there will be increase in earning resources but physical troubles, mental tensions and skin problems can come your way. In spite of hurdles Despite you will continue to make sustainable amount of income. At the end of this month outflow of money will be more than inflow.

CANCER - Stuation at work place will be little favorable. Cooperation from family members especially brothers will be there. Expenditures will be on some auspicious activity. In the later half of the month because of obstacles you will be pesteled. after 18th because of debilitated position of mars in this sign you will have mental anguish, family problems and anger

LEO - This month mixed results, you will get.Business growth and profit opportunities will be there for you but outflow of wealth will be on highr side. Betterment is business will there. Dispite inturruptions , some work will be done or there will be some improvement. Your reputation will increase but you will need conscious efforts to curb your anger.

VIRGO - You will see mixed effect of time on you in this month. Though source of earning will provide you enough money but because of sade sati of shani obstacles will keep on coming in your way. You will feel lack of enthusiasm. After 18th dissatisfaction and restlessness will be in mind because of family mishmash. There will be wastage of money.

LIBRA - Some stopped works will see progress in the early part of the month. opportunities for money profit will be there.There will be an increase in respect for you. After 11th income will be less in comparision to expanses. Health will be also not in good state. Because of sade sati of saturn mind will be not at peace and you will have feeling of dissatisfaction.

SCORPIO - You may face some health problems till 18th.Your behaviour will have unreasonable anger and smoothly going work can face some delay because of hurdles. After 18 mental tensions, unneeded expenditures , family pressure and difficulties in job will keep you jittery.

SAGITTARIUS - Increase in enthusiasm will be there.There are chances of some spoiled work being successful. Anger and expenditure will be on higher side. Health , family and business will show some fluctuations.Be careful while driving.

CAPRICORN - You will get mixed kind of results. In the initial part of month ypu will face family and mental stress. Gain will be less in relation with the effort.After 17th work will show some advancement. Expenditures will be more in comparision to income. After 20th your reputation will increase and you will show interest in forign culture.

AQUARIUS - Planeed work will meet their destination. Paused work will pick up speed. Auspicious function may be organised at home. You can get chance to meet prestigious people. Resources of income will increase. Later part of the month can have some family issues.

PISCES - Money will be spent on some religious activity or festival. There are chances of success in spoiled works.You will make new friends. Money will be spent on comfort. Later half of month will give you some mental stress which you will not like to speak.

OCTOBER  -2013

ARIES - You can plan about new projects in the starting of month but some unnecessary mental tensions and troubles can be there. Some problems related to work and home will come on surface but inspite of hurdles earning will be sufficient for living. Expenditures will be on higher side. Females especially need to take care of their health.

TAURUS - At the starting of the month earning will be enough only to sustain the living.Health and business will cause some trouble. Someone who is near to you can try to cheat. In the later part of the month gain in the wealth is indicated. 

GEMINI - This month will yield mixed fruits.Attempts made in the past will succeed. Foreign related work can face few problems. After 17th benefit in a new work you will get. Health will be little loose.

CANCER - New ways and progress will be there in the business. After 17th you will be able to sustain living with extra efforts because of hurdles. In the family you will get less support from your brothers or relatives. Friends can try to harm you. Do not trust any one in this time blindly.

LEO - You will feel energetic but unnecessary running round will be there. From 17th after lot of struggle you will be able to maintain your daily routine expenditures. 26th onwards problems related to land, house and vehicle can cause troubles.

VIRGO - In business you have to deal with some challenges.Spending will be more than income. You will work very hard to meet the demand but you will be in the negative balance. Because of sadhe sati of shani feeling of anxiety, restlessness will be there. Health and carrier will also not be in satisfactory state.

LIBRA - Because of Saturn and Rahu movement there will be hurdles in planned work. You will not get benefit according to your expectation. Because of personal and family problems mind will not be at rest. After 17th your health can be not in good state.You can face problems related to Eyes.

SCORPIO - You can develop interest in new fields. After 5th Oct because of aspect of mars at own place you will face hurdles but still you will be able to meet demand. There will be some differences between family  and friends. Money will find its exit ways. There will be unnecessary running around and mind will be ant at rest.

SAGITTARIUS- Anger and anxiety will be on higher side. Because of jupiter aspect on his own house you will see improvement in some stopped work. You will develop inclination towards religious activity. After 17 family issues , financial issues and non fruitful actions will make you feel tired.

CAPRICORN - In the beginning of month some stopped work will see the progress. You will get opportunity for profit in terms of money. Promotion and increase in respect will be there. At the end of month unnecessary running around and expenditures will be there. Zodiac lord Saturn will have company of Rahu because of which psychological stress and and various troubles in the family will come across.

AQUARIUS - Business and work will show some uncertainities. Expanses will be more than income. Health may face some issues. Opportunities will be better for wealth gain with the efforts. After 17th ups and down in business can happen because of combination of saturn , sun and rahu at house of luck.

PISCES - Business position in the first half of the month will be medium. A difficult task will be accomplished with the help of friends. Money will be enough for daily demands. At the end of the month money will get spend on religious activity. Opportunities for happiness will come.

November 2013

ARIES - Sun will see this zodiac because of which unnecessary running will be there. There will be increase in anxiety and expenditure. Difference with a close relative can happen in this time.After 26th some pending work will see improvement. You can get chance of growth and finance will improve.

TAURUS - You will be busy in initial part of month because of business related work. Income to maintain living will come after hard because of difficulties. Expenditure will be on higher side. Physically health will not be in good shape.  Chance of change in place, headache and problem in eye is there.

GEMINI - In spite of hurdles you will be successful in accomplishing your tasks. Beneficial opportunities will come across. Enemies will hold strong position. After 28th unexpected good news , gain in money , meeting with family or friend , comfort from better half you will get. Health will show some improvement. You can plan for new work. Reciting durga saptshati will prove beneficial. 

CANCER - Despite of hurdles there will be increase in valor and income. Business work will keep you engage. Parents help will bring special benefits. You will develop interest for religious activity. Money gain is indicated from foreign friends.Be alert from secret enemies. Chanting of Shri Durga Kavach will be beneficial.

LEO - At the starting of month earning will be there after hard work. Most of the time will be wasted on unnecessary things. Problem in stomach and eye is indicated . Later half of the month contact with a new friend will be made. Benefit in education or previous planned work is there.

VIRGO - In the beginning income will be enough only for sustainance. Because of sadhe sati life will be struggleful. There will be less of rest and more of hard work. Money will be spend on land and vehicle. Between 15 to 17 be alert while driving. Chace of getting hurt physically is there. You can face problem related to health and work. 

LIBRA - Starting of the month will show hurdles and delay. In the job someone can cheat you so Be careful. Due to high expenditure mind will not be at peace. Some physical ailment or injury can trouble you. Chanting of Aditya hriday strot will give you protection.

SCORPIO - Because of sadheSati of Saturn and Mars aspect on its own house condition of business and work will remain medium. You will enjoy pleasure of vehicles. In the later part of the month mind will not be at ease because of problems related to home. You will see increase in hurdles in planned work. Income will be sufficient only to maintain living because of high expenditure. Chanting of Shri HANUMAAN KAWACH will prove beneficial.

SAGITTARIUS - Initial part of the month will yield mixed result.  You will be interested in religious activities. After 7th finance may face some hitches due to retrograde position of jupiter. Expenditures will be on higher side and income will be less in comparision. Differences with the elders will be there.

CAPRICORN- Work will keep you busy. A stopped work will see progress. Matters related to some foreign country or a distant place will see some hurdles. On 20 or 21 you will make new contacts. These contacts will be beneficial for you as luck will be supportive. Though because of Rahu and saturn mental anxiety and high expenditures will be there too.

AQUARIUS- Till 16th November there will be ups and downs in your life. Environment of disagreement will be at home.After 17th interest in religious activity and contacts with prestigious people will come into picture. Outflow of money will be high. Recite aaditya hriday strot for relief.

PISCES - Because of dhaiya of SATURN you will notice problem in every work. Success will not be according to expectations. Mind will be in the state of dissatisfaction. Some controversial matters can add worry after 26. Expenditures will be high and differences with a close relative can happen in this time. Chant SHREE SOOKT to neutralize the malefic effect.

December 2013

ARIES - You can plan about a new project. Oppotunity for progress in work/business will be there. After 17th marrird life will see some disturbances due to differences in opinion. Troubles and complexities will arise. Money will get spend on luxury. 

TAURUS - Daily routine and work will improve. Special interest in religious activity will develop. Increase in respect will be there. Money will be spend on auspicious things. At the end of month idea of change will come to your mind. Health will demand attention. Unexpected expenditures will increase.

GEMINI - Till 20th sudden drop in income and increase in spending will be there. Family will be cooperative. After 20th care of the health will be needed. Despite the hurdles income will be sufficient for living hood.

CANCER - This month strain will be more and rest will be less. Inspite of hard work you will be able to manage finance to manage your essential expenditures. Work will see ups and downs. Unexpected outflow of money will be there. At the end of month some benefit in wealth and contacts with high authority will be made.

LEO - This month you will get mixed result. Some benefit in business and expenditure on luxurious thing will be there. Because of impulse and excitement some work will get spoiled. Financial instability will create mental anxiety.After 26th health will be not in good state.

VIRGO - Because of sade saati of Saturn business/work will keep you busy. After struggle you will be able to meet the expanses of daily requirement. You will be in little distress due to spendings. Family life can be under strain. Physical health will not be good. After 20th unnecessary running around, family tensions and problem in earning will be there. 

LIBRA - This month you will face tough conditions. Income will be less and expenditure will be on higher side. Mind will not be at peace because of business/work and family problem. Physical health issues will also come up. Unnecessary running around will also be there. To maintain living lot of hard work will be required. Chanting of shree sookt will be good.

SCORPIO - Because of sadhe sati of shani unnecessary anxiety and hurdles in your work will come in your way. Though opportunity of gain in business will be there but family problems you can face in this time.

SAGITTARIUS -  Because of retrograde position of jupiter gain in wealth will not be much. After 15 time will change and you will meet a person who will help you in organizing your work. At the end of the month different kind of problems will arise in family.

CAPRICORN - You will enjoy the pleasure of wealth and other comforts. You will spend money on luxurious things. You will be interested in activities related to religion. Later half of the month will create some tensions which will be related to family. Sudden rise in spending is foreseen. Keep Fast on Saturday.

AQUARIUS - You will get success to some extent. Chances of progress and gains are there. You must try to implement new ideas in this time as time is good for you. At the end of the month a spoiled work will see some improvement. Spending will be more in this month. Chant SHREE SOOKT to gain maximum. 

PISCES - Retrograde Jupiter will increase the outflow of money. Despite of limited income work related to foreign country will see some progress. After 18th condition will improve. Work done with positive attitude will bring success, But health can create some limitation in this month.