The year 2012 for INDIA

Friday Vikravi Sammat 2069
Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Pravishthe 10 Chaitra
Uttar Bhadrapada Nakshata, Bhram Yog

The moon is in Pisces at 20 degress and 7 minutes, a new sammat called Vishv-vasu will start in Virgo ascendant. After 23rd March, all religious rites, rituals, sankalps, etc. should contain the name of the sammat Vishv-vasu. This year, Venus will be both the king and the minister. The sammat Vishv-vasu will reside in the house of the potter and its vehicle will be the frog.

According to the scriptures, Vishv-vasu sammat will not cause good rainfall. Some places will see droughts and some will see floods, both leading to crop damage. There will be an increase in complicated diseases in people. Wheat, rice, sugar, pulses, edible oil, milk, ghee, and gold, silver and petroleum products will become more expensive. Most leaders of the country will work for their personal gain and not care about the common people.

Since Venus is the king as well as the minister of the year, women will play more important and impactful roles in all fields. There will be an increase in obscenity between men and women. Fashion mania and undignified behaviour will increase which will lead to an increase in venereal diseases and complicated ailments.

In the country, inflation will increase and leaders will be stuck in dealing with increased costliness, mass movements, communal violence, explosions and change in government. Due to the highly increased cost of living, there will be unhappiness, unrest and depression among people. Politicians will pay less attention to the common people. No party will think about the betterment of the common people and the leaders will be busy in playing the blame game. All assurances given by the government will prove useless. The gap between the rich and the poor will widen.

From 7th April to 3rd July, there are 5 kamash Saturdays, 5 Sundays and Tuesdays, due to which there is a bad Khappar yog. This will result in a change in government. There are chances of some leader resigning. During this time, the presence and increase in foreign soldiers at the borders might result in war panic. During this time, the government should be very alert and careful regarding border operations. During this time, the government of India might have to face problems at the border and other financial difficulties.

From 21st June to 3rd August and from 14th August to 27 August, it is likely that there will be excessive rains in the north-eastern and north-western regions of the country. Floods or other natural disasters are also likely to cause huge damages to crops, money, etc. There are chances of natural disasters like fire, earthquake, landslide, etc.

Due to the repressive policies and irresponsible behaviour of the government towards the mass movement and the anti-corruption Jan Lokpal bill presented by Anna Hazare, the government will suffer and lose votes in the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections in Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, etc. This will benefit the opposition parties. The people of the country will be very unsatisfied with the government. Anna Hazare will also have to work very hard for his movement. It will be a do or die situation for the government.