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Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 2

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In my  dhyaan i Was asked to complete my duties and get myself only focus to my duties, not making others happy but fulfilling my duties. It’s the karma of others, how to feel, react or receive, which is not my responsibility at all.  So I shall do my duties with devotion and complete my actions. Without asking HOW to do that ANSWER appeared –  Energy of JAAP will HELP you  to understand, identify and Gives you POWER  to decide, to choose and act on it in right manner . I asked when will I learn it, so got a reply with Practice and Jaap.

My Guru decipher the right meaning of this vision i got in meditation. According to GURUJI – We get more affected by energy of people around us in our day to day energy trade (in form of conversation, touch, thought pattern even if we are in silence), before we deal with stored energy of our past lives karmas. It is true that PATTERN of every Action is DECIDED by our PREVIOUS SANSKAARS . Accustomed to our previous pattern of actions , unknowingly we behave always in same pattern. But this pattern can be breaked with awareness.

Let us understand by an example – If a person has an emotional nature (because of previous life karmas), than it means that person will get affected by with not so tough or normal differences of opinion of other people. Why my Husband demanded food from mother in law, why not from me or why hubby is silent when i am talking to him or why he is not doing things when i say to him  ? Means very easily avoidable unwanted incidences of life starts getting importance from our side. Habitually we kept on repeating and giving emotional input (mental energy) to immaterial things. This left us drained because POWER of SOUL gets depleted without any GAIN.

There is always inadequacy between the inputs for Gain and Output to spend. An emotional person will spend all energy only on unnecessary issues, which are not important for soul, than this makes that person more emotional. Because when debit of spiritual energy is more rather than credit, MAYA/ IGNORANCE overpower us. Energy of emotion because of constant feeding becomes so strong that other person feels uneasiness or try to run away even when there is silence. From this point mostly new baggage of karmas starts in form of wrong actions and reactions, which has nothing to do with our previous karmas.   

This way our all day to day activities keep on generating the NEW KARMA or ENERGY and affects us more because of ATTACHMENT. Or you can say our WANTS screws us to behave in a particular manner and keep the energy more live because of regular nourishment.

Our understanding to why things are going wrong and to take corrective measures becomes weak and weak with more debit leading to repetition of same actions again and again until we decide to STAND UP against our HABITUAL PATTERN by using our WILL POWER.


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