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Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 3

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The Kind of PEOPLE and CIRCUMSTANCES we meet in our lives,   all because of different karmik accounts with different people we have opened at different point of time. Which means , few things are inevitable, one has to face it until it is cleared in positive way, without creating more negative karmas. This is the Nature’s way of teaching so we can learn to deal with our weak points. That is why we often see an emotional person stuck with all practical or straightforward nature people.

Now it is totally the choice of an emotional person to drown into ocean of emotions or learn to handle it.  But we often choose the easy path. Being into your comfort zone of habits is lot easier rather than changing them, because any change demands lot of discipline and time.  Due to our wants,  lack of awareness, ignorance and shortfall of knowledge we give up easily in front of people or situation. Our giving up manifests in form of negative reactions like irritation, depression, unpleasant thoughts, desire to quit etc etc.  Our whole life’s decisions / actions / thinking  is normally affected either by negative energy which we generate or by other person’s negative energy . In both cases reason is – lack of the POSITIVE ENERGY.

Our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Energy gets influenced by each other.Positive attitude / thinking generates positive energy and vice versa. In spiritual journey like attracts like and positive energy enhances the positive energy which accelerates the progress. When we are negative from inside especially by being judgemental, criticising self or others, subconsciously angry this causes others to react negatively and invites more negative incidences which hampers our journey.   But when by using our will power, we try to understand and identify before taking actions, the pause help you for RIGHT THOUGHT and KARMA, so you can Sustain or Go Beyond the KAAL CHAKRA and clear the karmic account.  When you Think right and Do right as per NATURE’S LAW you don’t get connected or influenced by other’s energy whether it is in form of speech, doings or thoughts .

At this point it is very important to understand what is the Law Of Nature. It is all about doing your assigned duties with lot of gratitude, love, acceptance, surrender and selflessness.  When we aligned our all forms of energy into one direction than ample amount of positive energy gets generated. This energy creates a protective shield around the seeker which help sadhak as well as other people too.  When we save the daily wastage of our energy, this is utilized for better purposes like develping good habits, better understanding and better performance etc etc.

To save our energy seeker must understand the BASIC LAW OF ENERGY – that Negative energy can not be manged by acting or reacting in negative way . It can only conqured or transformed by Positive energy. Mantra Chanting and Constant Practice with awareness give you the KEY for TRANSFORMATION.


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