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Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 4

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What are our Duties ?

So far the things were explained to me, i understood that completing the duties is very essential for spiritual evolution. My Guru told that duties are performed at three different levelsBody, Mind and Soul level. These forms of duties are applicable on each and every individual, irrespective of their status (strength, wealth, qualification etc) .

To begin with the duty of Physical Body are following – Getting up on Time in morning, Be regular with Prayers, Eat healthy food on time, Practicing yoga – Breathing Exercises – Walk, Sleep on time, Maintain Hygiene etc etc.

Now coming to duties towards Mind which as Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Reading, Writing, Practicing Silence, Balancing memory (related to events and person), reasoning, emotions and imagination by Will Power.

For the Soul always remember the Supreme Goal of Life that is self realization. For this it is essential to do righteous acts like speak truth, earn money from good source with hard work, Be helpful, humble, Serve without expectations, Respect all, Taking care of dependents, Spreading good thoughts and knowledge, Kindness, Purity, Unconditional Love towards every soul, charity, be Enthusiastic and Active etc etc are the few qualities. Along with all these we must stay away from the sinful activities as like cribbing, gossiping, revenge, hatred, gambling, lust, beating, fighting, torturing, disrespecting, stealing, robbery, cheating, pride, envy, quarrel, unworthy motive, boasting, indulgence in sense pleasure etc etc.

Apart from this we also have family and society duties. In families duties are divided respectively for men and women. For Men – maintain financial security, Provide required expenditures for household necessities, spend time with wife, kids and elders , must support spouse in household work, be there for your spouse and listen to their difficulties and stress, Pay utility, monthly decided money, school fee and loan etc on time. For Women – maintain hygiene of house and food, Cook fresh, do not overlook health and appearance, Care of need of family members and so on.

For both Man and Woman it is a responsibility to maintain harmony in family, balance in different relation, nurturing good qualities in kids, use courteous words, Helping the partner to overcome their flaws without complaining, Respect each others Space and Emotion, Be together while performing rituals for God and Ancestor, Forgive, Trust, Protect each other, Support in time of difficulties, Social service etc etc.

It is important to understand that duties are mostly time bound. When you respect time than Body, Mind and Soul align in excellent way, because Time has great influence on us and provides the ground for good results. For example Meditation done in morning than any other time makes mind easily calm and focused. In all our deeds, the proper value and respect for time determines success or failure.


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