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Our mind is all connected with our Senses. Among all senses eyes play very important role for the mind. Whatever we see,our mind feed on it. When our eyes are open it sees everything for real and needs no efforts to see new endless things, such as movies, news, views, people it goes on collecting it. Just like we eat food without any control and become obese,  in the same manner collecting information via eyes or any other senses,  knowingly or unknowingly makes mind a BIG JUNK BOX .

So what happens when eye are closed ? It goes on imaginary tour and makes the imaginary situations. Ohh yes, it doesn’t stop !!! As mind only survive with the inputs . Eyes are very easy source because they are open most of the time . It gets little difficult for mind to live without any support especially when our eyes are closed.  Because, when we close our eyes, mind live on whatever  visions it has stored from the time when our eye were open. Though no new data comes in from outside world now, but mind tries to live on the data stored in device called MEMORY

It starts processing the stored data in its own erratic way because of lack of command from conscious mind. By this way mind  forces you to open your eyes by creating scary, emotional, shocking visions and illogical dreams. This happens especially with a very high speed, when we sit for prayer or meditation.

 Prayer, Chanting and Meditation are like going on diet for mind and like everyone else , it gets bit difficult. No one likes to get tied or disciplined . Same happens with mind. It troubles you, when you try to control your mind with divine tools. But with consistent practice it becomes normal and sooner needs no efforts. Then the next level comes in, where we focus on agyachakra, when we see at agyachakra, mind stops. Agyachakra is a place where world isn’t there, it makes the mind suffer because it is the place where  suddenly losing out its power.

With consistent practice on agyachakra, mind can be controlled and focus can be improved at the same time. Don’t worry with the pain or thoughts or lack of concentration , its as common.  As you feel when u lift a weight in the gym, your bady aches. But with regular practice, over the period of time lifting a weight becomes an easy process. In the same manner   it’s new for your eyes to focus so, it’s taking time to adjust but sooner gonna be all normal and healthy.

In the initial stage of SADHNA it is very difficult to focus on Agyachakra because it is an internal process. Mind is too dependent on external things and moves always outward. So our saints suggested to fix eyes on External object like  idol of God or Guru , lamp, a specific points were asked to focus (with  not much features) . These all helps the mind to loose its fluctuating nature and improves focus. Also try to give as less as information to see when not necessary.  Try to read a good book if you like, becouse in that your mind will have to go through the filter of imagination. If you watch an hour movie and hours of news with hours of tv serials then your mind will keep feeding it and will start reflecting in your actions, words, and thoughts without your realisation.

So choose WISELY before using your eyes next time and keep practicing to focus on agyachakra till it becomes a natural process.

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