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Go with Natural Flow

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The existence of a pure soul flow smoothly,
then why to make effort to control life needlessly.
So accept all the circumstances,
without offering tremendous resistance.
A beautiful journey starts,
for the one who believes in the God’s plans.
If you go with the god’s will,
none can trouble you, nor anything.
And you don’t have to worry,
when the path seems blurry.
Just take the first step to trust,
he will always take care of yours.
Accept, this is who i am, this is all i have got,
these are my faults, & yes, perfect i am not!
Let things be just the way they are,
And you will see you have come so very far.

So Keep Going Ahead , ACCEPTING who you are,
and thank him for your life & every beat of your heart.
The reflection of this inner peace will make you glow
So let your beautiful life go with its natural flow.




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