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The spiritual journey begins with a determination,
to keep the faith in supreme power unshaken.
On the path, following the rules and duties,
we try to keep the soul intact with sanity.

But, not all the days remain the same,
Because life is meant to be changed.
When we get tides of tough time, that seems too high,
the bond with god stays not the same strong, we once tied.

And we forget, god will never leave our side,
Whether it will be a sunny day or a tide.
Now the mind becomes the focus of all negativity,
converges millions of thoughts to spoil its purity.

While concentrating on problems that doesn’t even exist,
And controlling emotions that mind can’t resist.
I felt that my soul is starving
Because it hasn’t got its full dose of chanting.

And when I was chanting,
Spirituality into my actions was not involving.
Now i started feeling day by day weak,
And getting the unreasonable anger at its peak.

That is how i fell on the way,
Getting pulled from god far away.
But i always get the support when i stumble,
It’s a blessing to have u i am humbled.

God sent you here to Guide i am sure,
You help people out, even when medicines can’t cure.
And you pull me out of all the pain,
And the journey begins all over again………

As in autumn, leaves fall from the tree,
Even the curing medicines reaches to expiry,
We fall apart from few people
Because they are not meant to be in our Destiny.

We wish to go back to that moment,
To fix everything & not let this happen,
but the heart cant beat in the same rhythm as it used to be once,
and we accept it thinking everything happens for a reason.

Now winter passes and comes spring,
Hopes and Wishes again get the Wings.
freshness in heart is like dew drops on leaves,
time has for sure taken the leaps.

Sparkling sunshine glows on the face with smiley,
And sprouting excitement is like blooming lily.
Angels promising no more sufferings,Feelings are waving on floral swings.
Breeze is playing with the long hair & eyes rolled up to thank the big guy upstairs.

For,i realized if its not happy, its never the end,
And the journey begins towards a better end …………..

A Devotee


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