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Guru brings Balance

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Religious or Spiritual ?

Often we are somewhere in between a Religious person and a Spiritual person.  Yes, they are little different. When we follow particular set of actions , ethics, worship it is called religion, which can lead to spirituality but if get attached to actions than we cannot become a spiritual person .Religion is created by  beliefs of someone and what we think is right, but spirituality is purely about the EXPERIENCE of ultimate TRUTH, Which means knowing self by any mean but the intentions behind efforts plays vital role.

Actions which prepared us for supreme and prevent us from doing mistakes by fixed dos and don’ts according to place & person, comes under religious category. While acceptance, patience and surrender are the part of spirituality. Religious activities focus more on outer preparation but spirituality deals with the inner aspect.  Religion is the tool to fulfill own desires by righteous way & maintain system  between individual and society by compulsion like fear of punishment either by god or society. While spirituality deals with law of nature like how thoughts impacts our life, how energy works , rise above desires etc etc.

But are they different or independent of each other ? No !! Balancing of both is needed. Religious activities are like body and spirituality is like soul. When they are together in balanced way, speed of the SPIRITUAL JOURNEY gets accelerated.  Mind is the thread which connect us our outer & inner world . So it is influenced by both – outer & inner preparation. To maintain body we need food, bath etc but for mind we need reading, love and other things. When body is good but mind is not good than everything looks useless. When mind is good but body has limitation than also we become restricted. In a same way blend of religion (EXTERNAL) and spiritual (INTERNAL) is essential for progress.

And many of us are religious. We think just doing regular religious activities like prayer, offerings etc are good enough for our betterment but we do not work on our mental configuration. Lack of right command and mental disconnection makes our worship mechanical.

The universe doesn’t work that way. Both actions and intentions should be in right direction to bring the results. Religion (particular set of activities) is important – Because Religion is the base door towards the kingdom of spirituality, as it helps in cleaning like soap and invokes energy.  But absorption of energy depends on our internal configuration.    That’s why these are the people who are always busy in gossiping, show off, arguments, judgment, analysis, badmouthing, laziness, and always wishing bad for others, do you really think they doing any numbers of Worship can help them or make them powerful? No, it can’t, because of lack of external and internal balance.

Our body and mind which has been nurtured by all the wrong habits from a very long time , can’t go for it. The people who really crib about their life are also capable to find the path but their mind has billions or more then that excuses for not doing that. For them it becomes important to do particular set of actions so they can balance their mind. But here is twist again. A person less involved in activity but mentally in alignment with the supreme can get better results, but more of rituals and less involvement will take you nowhere. The path of spirituality (mental attitude) is more difficult and needs our 100%, nothing less than that, which our soul know always!!

This balance we cannot bring without help of GURU. Like for the education of a child, teacher is needed. In same manner we need guru. A child can have knowledge about his/her daily needs, can grasp some knowledge from surrounding but this knowledge is not sufficient to make independent. Similarly having knowledge of either materialistic or spiritual world, has no value if it don’t have a right GURU to show you the right direction to use it.

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