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Clay or brass pot(matka)
Plain water and gangajal to fill the kalash
Kalawa (yelloew,red thread)
coin ,
Flowers,  ashok or mango leavs – 5,7 or 9
Raw rice(akashat)
unpealed coconut
Red cloth , chunari
AGarbatti , Kapoor, ghee/oil
Fruits,dry fruits and sweets
Kumkum (roli), haldi
optional – clothes, shringar samgri, Chauki


  • After shower start your navratri pooja.
  • Clean the temple, wash the idols or wipe the photos with clean clothes.
  • Place the red cloth at pooja place, and place idols on it (as per tradition  )
  • Light deepak and aggarbatti
  • Do dhyaan of Guru and lord Ganesha.
  • Make swastik with rolI and haldi on kalash , tie kalwa around the neck of kalash, with three circle and tie three knots in the end.
  • Fill the kalash with normal water and add few drops of gangajal and drop the coin.
  • Place one plam full rice on the place where kalash will be placed.
  • Put mango/ashok leaves inside kalash.
  • Tie kalawa three round and in the end three knots on coconut.
  • Wrap the chunari around the coconut. Take snakalp and place the coconut on kalash.(SANKALP COULD BE FOLLOWING: good health, prosperity, wisdom,Bhakti etc.
  • Apply tilak of roli and haldi on coconut wrapped with chunari and offer flowers
  • Offer scent and shringar(chudi,kajal, bindi,sindoor, mehandi,mirror, comb, and rest by choice)
  • Offer prashad (fruits, dry fruits, sweets and normal satwik food)
  • Later do jaap of mantra given by Guru or do durga saptshati, durga chalisa, lalita shastra naam.
  • Do arti with ghee diya or kapoor.
  • DO THIS METHOD OF POOJA TILL you do kumarika poojan ( dhoop, deep, flower, navaidya, chanting, arti )
  • OPTIONAL:   Kalash sthapana can be done on table/chauki or in mandir. You can ALSO  SING BHAJANs during Pooja Time. You can maintain akhand deepak and sow jaware with the rules assigned for it.
  • On ASHTAMI OR NAVMI you can do HAWAN (optional)
    AFTER HAWAN DO KUMARIKA (5,7 OR 9 in number) POOJA .

KUMARIKA POOJA :- Wash their feet, apply tilak, offer them bhog (halwa, puri, channa sabji or aloo tamatar sabji or kaddu sabji),give them dhakshina, give them presents(study material,shringar, or any one thing such as nail paint, clothes, handkerchief,rest by choice) If living in abroad then keep the counted money and offer that later. After hawan or kanya  bhojan break the sthapit coconut and distribute it. Pooja samgri( flower, rice etc) flow in water, if can’t then offer rice to birds.


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