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HOW to HELP – Different Aspect

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Selfless service or help of a needy is the highly praised virtue in our scriptures. The whole nature helps us selflessly but somewhere it also works on the principle of Give and Take. That is why it is said – What we sow, we reap.   Help of a needy, is the seed of Punya Karma which help us in this world or other world, knowingly or unknowingly. Help can be done purposely or without any purpose. Help is considered best when it is Without any hidden self interest. But how, when, why and whom to help is the essential aspect which cannot be ignored.

Helping others can be in many forms – by money, by providing  food, shelter, water, books, medicines, clothes etc to needy to make their life easy or giving spiritual knowledge, time and energy for evolution of a soul. Among all types of help, guiding a soul and providing resources for it, is considered best.

Among the other types of Help, based on time duration it can  have two categories – short term and long term.  In short term help example can be giving food to street people occasionally. In long term help we can understand from the example of a guru, who helps disciples to achieve the ultimate goal of life with the constant and consistent efforts, which can be a life time endeavor.

Whom to help and whom to not, why it is important to understand

God helps to those, who help themselves. So the first criteria to judge for HELP is the WILL to come out from troubles and work hard.

Sometimes people who are so occupied and tangled with their misery and struggles, that they love saying of their miseries only, but when solutions are suggested they find excuses for not acting upon them.  These aren’t the people we should think of helping unless he himself makes and effective efforts towards it.

 We all are tied with the cycle of karma whether it is happiness or sorrow, wealthy or poor, healthy or ill, this means all is our own doing. It is the firm law of nature that the creator of the karma, can only destroy his or her own web of karma. The results of karmas are not easy to change because going through that is necessary for learning. Sorrow and suffering comes because of misuse of previous favorable opportunities provided by nature. Going through the phase of pain becomes essential so one can learn to value the positive things of life. If nature wants to teach someone a lesson and we interrupt that flow by attaching ourselves by any mean than we have to bear that suffering.  Because energy of karmas cannot be destroyed by small interventions.

Often it seems that giving opinion in every situation/conversation or advising or sympathizing with people is a help. But people who are so much into their own worldly web should always be avoided. Not because you can’t help them, but they can affect you in your spiritual journey by not being attentive hence by not being receptive.  The person who is deeply entangled in sorrow can not be receptive for any advice because of low frequency energy and ego.

Because of EGO rather than focusing on solution, we keep on blaming the other person’s mistakes as a reason. In pain, energy gets extremely intensified, that is why on the name of help when you listen or have conversation with them without preparation, you get pulled by their negative energy. So it becomes a trade in both ways loss. You lose your energy and they waste your energy. Here remember your spiritual energy isn’t earned easily but gets waste easily.

These are the people who feed their worldly web on other’s energy because they are always exhausted due to such a heavy baggage of troubles create by them. So helping them by landing your ears and investment of time and energy becomes too costly affair for you.These people should only be advised with awareness, in neutral way without being biased and when you see the desperation of getting out of their web in them, in this way you don’t break their chain of karma and also get less affected.

 Short term help can be given to anyone, but for the Long term help assessment of the eligibility becomes essential.  Why? Let us understand this by an example.  If you help a poor by money and he uses this money for gambling, drugs etc. After wasting all the money he again asks for help with a new painful story, but you got idea about where he wasted that money, than what should be your action now? Obviously, you would not help him any further.  Because you cannot be the medium of their wrong deeds due to their unawareness and get exploited by illicit desires.

Eg: once a saint saw a blind man, seeing his misery the saint helped the blind man and gave his eyes the power to see, after few months when the saint re visited the blind man, he was shock to the same man whom he gave eyes, being badly engrossed into all the bad activities, he stopped that man and asked “i helped you, gave your eyes, and look what you doing? it is all wrong!”

Suddenly the man replied “it is all your fault, because when i was blind i always wanted to do all these things and you gave me eyes without asking me anything and gave me the eyes, so you are the reason behind my all these wrong activities”, the saint understood that “when god puts us into a situation it is because of a reason and also according to our credibility”.

That is why in Vedas it is scripted that before helping others one must analyze or assess the credibility of the receiver. This is the reason Guru always test seekers, before making him or her disciple for the path of self-realization.

We often consider that help is done only outside of the family. But it is not true, in it’s true sense. When we bring child to the world, Looking after baby’s legitimate needs for the development becomes a great help for the world. This responsibility is given to us by god and completing that is our duty, but with the condition of DETACHMENT.

As we all know physically strong person can run longer, not the weak one. The person who is sick can not serve other. That is why it is essential that before helping others gather the strength and wisdom, without hampering your own journey, you can guide or help others as well.


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