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How to Store spiritual energy

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How to Store spiritual energy

Though storage of spiritual energy needs efforts of both Guru and disciple responsibility lies more on the pupil. Guru’s work is to identify troublesome factors in the flow of spiritual energy and to find the solution of these. With this Guru makes disciple enable to receive that energy. But this work is only possible when the pupil has the desire to find the ultimate truth of life by following the disciplines advised by Guru incomplete sense with strong determination from body & mind.


Strong determination

Strong determination is needed to overcome the uncertain, doubtful, agile and impatient nature of mind. A disciple who does not give up against the arbitrary actions of mind and practices instructions of Guru in every condition is entitled to the highest position in the spiritual journey. Like one can get food from anywhere but one has to eat by self only. Digestion of food depends on the digestive capacity of that person. A heavy meal can harm in place of benefit. For good digestion, a person needs to exercise regularly and follow another dietary discipline. One needs to do it by self and this can not be done by another person. For the recovery of a sick person, a patient needs to take medicine and follow other health-related instructions by self. Only than recovery becomes possible. In the same manner to follow remedies and other instructions advised by Guru, is the responsibility of a disciple. Intensity and Faith involved in discipline are directly proportionate to the profit gained from spiritual energy.

For Storage and Magnification/Growth can be categorized into two ranks. These are –

  • Karney karma (actions necessary to do as per law)
  • Nishida Karma (prohibited actions)


Causation Karma (Karney karma)

Causation Karma

Actions recommended by Guru and Scriptures must be followed in every condition. These actions like aasan, Pranayam, Seva, Dhyan, worship, mantra chanting, pure food, introspection, silence celibacy etc need to be followed as much as possible. The success of these actions depends on the awareness, patience, faith and regularity involved. One needs to keep this in mind that lack of any of these qualities can affect the quality and quantity of spiritual energy.


Prohibited actions (Nishida Karma)

Prohibited actions

Prohibited actions need to be avoided in every circumstance. Actions like violence, lust, anger, greed, deceitful behaviour, stealing, inebriated items, blame, lies etc must be avoided in every condition. It is also the responsibility of a disciple that mistakes should be minimized by not repeating them. Apart from above-mentioned actions, there are other actions which need to be avoided by a sadhak like emotional extremes, let the other person or circumstances empower the sadhak, analyzing actions of others, getting into arguments or be involved in unnecessary thought process, blaming others from a problem and expecting from people other than god. These all habits waste a lot of time and energy hence constant practice and awareness are needed to minimize them.

Lawful actions invoke spiritual energy. Continuity of these actions brings improvement in the quality and quantity of energy. When a sufficient amount is absorbed and stored than it clears the previous negative karmas in a gradual manner. So safety of the hard-earned spiritual energy becomes mandatory which include avoidance of actions which can become the reason for the loss. When we do not perform such actions than the storage of beneficial energy happens quickly. If wastage is not stopped than recommended actions can not bring any visible results.

For the progress of it is not only important, but essential to do recommended actions with devotion and avoid the factors which can cause loss of spiritual energy. Faith on Guru, knowledge related to God and Determination are essential in built factors for magnification and protection of spiritual energy.

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