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Is Everything Predestined

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is everything predestined


Many people have dilemma between what is destiny and what is free will ? In other words what is fixed and what can be changed. Our sacred scriptures says that our reactions to people and situation, change our destiny.  But again question arises – if events are predestined then what about our reactions ? Isn’t the way we react decided beforehand ?

When we see life as predestined than we are not free. It is true that Our past KARMAS decide our Destiny than our karmas decide our Future too.  Actions done in present time make our future. Now the question comes if we are under influence of past karma than how can we perform NEW KARMA in our present.


Universe operate on some fixed rule but God has given OPTION of CHOICE as tool of freedom.Even man made system has system of editing. When computer like devices get full because of many files, there is option of DELETE. In same way universe also has system of deleting unnecessary files/thoughts/memory.
It is true that we are not in control of other person or situation because that is predetermined, but we can control ourselves that is our free will.

The law of free will operates on MIND. Because of this choice of free will lies in what to think or what not to think, what to bother, ability to evaluate the situation. Self-control counts as a kind of freedom because it begins with not acting on every impulse.

As a HUMAN NATURE we become more comfortable with the way we live unconsciously. But our SOUL and SUPREME Nature constantly pushes us towards the betterment, for which we need change in our physical and mental actions. We get stuck between two forces. We want to act according to our sanskaars (due to our previous actions) but nature wants us to evolve. Because of this reason we become uncomfortable with our current situation and try to find out the way for happiness. But again the WAY To HAPPINESS starts with the CHANGE in Mental and Physical Actions. To bring change in physical action, mental configuration need rearrangement. For this we need to clear old files of Belief, Memory and Thought Pattern.

Though our previous pattern creates difficulty in front of us, but what we want in our life Pain or Happiness ? The CHOICE is OURS.  If we want happiness than we need to Start the Change with ourselves only and the first step towards it is MODIFICATION in our REACTIONS with the HELP of Guru.


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