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Our credibility to receive Guru grace

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When a seeker progresses on path of  spirituality, they experience within them is KARUNA BHAV (unconditional Mercy), which is a quality of GOD and like god they just want to help all , but do you think helping anyone and everyone irrespective their credibility is justified?

Many of us think and believe that god should just keep helping us in everything, but do you think that is justified? The car has everything in it for you but the engine needs you to start it and staring wheel need to be handled wisely.

Respectively when in spirituality the KARUNAMAYI GURU wants to help each disciple, but benefit of GRACE depends on the best use of free will of a devotee. Whatever amount of efforts the devotee puts for his/her spirituality the guru help can be utilized only that much.

 Maa Parvati to become adishakti had Adiguru Bhagwan Shankar but still she had to do the tapasya to receive the grace of Adi Guru Shankar, though he was always there and helped her at every step. All she meant that Guru is important and without guru the journey can’t be completed but we must work hard enough to let our gurus help us.

How guru helps ?

In many cases it could be wealth, for many it can be elimination of misery, living rightfully or removal of obstacles. To achieve this goal, for some it can be lot of hardship and for some it is easier than others. Why it isn’t same for all ?

The answer is very simple. Guru helps his disciples to get rid of their karmas from past, present, future with his astrological and spiritual power. An awaken guru knows that a specific situation has occurred in our life due to a specific reason, so he acts accordingly. If he thinks your efforts are enough but the karma baggage is too heavy for your this human life then he helps us to find ways via remedies, anushtan, stones, jaap and sometime he takes it on his own.

YES, he actually does that. But for that he has to justify the universe about his disciple’s efforts , ability and credibility. That’s why many gurus doesn’t have many disciples, Because they need to guide their disciples at every stage and maintain disciple’s energy as well as their own. They need to keep filling in themselves with the enough energy to help others. Due to being in human body even they have limitations towards energy exchange but still they go beyond their ways just to help the one who really seeks the true path of spirituality.

But the Question is do we really seek the TRUTH? Do we really want to find god? Do we really want to go out of this misery?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. We have tangled ourselves so much with this world that the simplest way towards our true path has become the most complicated thing for us. Many people sit and crib about their situation. These are the people who are so habitual of cribbing, that going for the solution makes them feel losing their existence. Because they have to leave or correct what they felt right so far. This include their belief system and worship practices too. Why this is so ?

Let us understand it in our next post.

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