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Power of FAITH

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power of faith

It was a bloomed sky, pink with orange and I was in my deep meditation ( how I reached there,  was something beyond my thoughts )  I happened to see a path made of clouds and I was right there on it, standing , staring at something which was at the other end of it, it wasn’t so clear , it was full of clouds…….

And after a while he APPEARS,  he was there since the beginning, he was always there but I was unable to see him, after really long , I could feel him and  him – HE was LORD SHIVA . I couldn’t believe on what I was seeing, but my deep LONGING to meet him  and the old relation of my little soul with the Suprem soul was the impetus to dive deep into Meditation. Or you can say it automatically took me there and unfolded the one of the great LAW about using means and their limitation for progress in Spirituality.

He was there on the rock meditating, I wanted to just go and grab him which was just few steps, but these steps weren’t ordinary. I suddenly started realizing that I move with my chanting.  Every  time I chanted I was moved a step forward, but then I saw that there were somethings  which were coming my way as obstacle, like some hinderances in form of black energy and some siddhis as well as other wordly gains . But inner voice guided me that keep moving, do not look at other things.

I wasn’t really clear about the message but then when my guru decoded my views. Only than i understood that message was so clear about the power of MANTRA. My guru told me that chanting is a non stop process and each time you recite Mantra you take one step closure to God . Obstacles are the situations, people and thoughts we come across.  They will always come and we must do what is needed – which means keep on moving forward by doing right karma but without worrying about the results or after effects with the focus on our true destination, to shiva with rock solid faith. In same way we should not be tempted to fame, power and position  . It distract us from our ultimate goal. Why they come ? They come to check our worth, our patience , our faith and our seriousness to our GOAL. If we fail means we are just talking superficially about GOD and still we have other worldly desires taking control of us. 

What is the solution – Belive in Guru and  guru’s Teachings . Until your Guru says to STOP or LOOK, don’t do that. Whatever is necessary Guru always tell that beforehand.

What we mean by rock solid faith ? The person who is unperturbed and steady in any kind of situation , can offer his or heart to lord shiva as a place to sit .

I did try to follow it, and after a month long practice by the grace of maa and guidance if my guru, I did managed to see the same vision again in my meditation, this time I was on the edge of this path. Bhagwan Shiva was right there in front of me and I was soooo close to him like never ever before. BUT there was still some distance left, it wasn’t any path, it was only clouds and I thought if I step ahead I will fall and I didn’t want this. I asked what is this and I was answered “now your each step will be BELIEVE to reach him and get him”

Again i looked at my Guru for his Guidance regarding this vision. He told me that nature has amazing ways of working under some set rules for the evolution of every soul in form of expansion, destruction, meeting right or wrong people, suitable or unsuitable situations, fulfilled or unaccomplished desires every thing has a hidden message for us which we need to understand with the calm mind under guru’s shelter. But when we chant right mantra and do meditation with single mindedness direct messages related to time, situations, solutions and most importantly milestones of spiritual path are told !! It can be in form of vision, dream, by people or books and in Satsang. Important thing is how much we are prepared to receive divine guidance. When we are prepared ( which includes constant hard work with faith and guru’s as well as divine grace ) message is right there very CLEAR and LOUD. 

Meaning of my message was that different modes are necessary to reach a certain level which means very near to God. But a time comes when a SADHAK has to take a LEAP of FAITH. Intuitions can be silent, people can be in opposition, situation can be unfavourable, Guru can be unapproachable, feelings can be clouded and every way can seem closed but you have to keep on going, practicing every discipline has been taught so far and most important KEEPING FAITH in Guru and God alive in every condition covers the left distance between You and God undoubtedly.

Though i am far away from that situation, but i am determined.  I was so close to him and there was no way going back or any other way. I was taught a very important lesson of believe. Which says “either believe it or nothing”. Belief can make you walk on clouds too. Belief is the true power where there is no space for if and buts. I was about to experience the power of believe and get my shiva. And I know I will get him.


By : A Devotee

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