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Rules to be followed in Navratre

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Rules to be followed during Navratri

* Only after shower and pooja prefer to eat anything in the morning.
* Fasting is preferred through out nine day but if not possible then atleast first and last day (ashtami or navmi). If not able to maintain without salt then use black salt(sendha).
* If fasting is not possible then stay away from spicy and non- veg food, avoid onion and garlic food, try to eat as satvik as possible.
* Fix a time to eat, don’t keep eating through out a day,
* EAT a balanced diet, neither over eating nor starving.
* Must avoid alcohol, smoking and tobacco.
* Always lit oil lamp and inscent sticks(agarbattis),  before starting your pooja, meditation or chanting.
* Temple must be decored with flowers,mango or ashok leaves, maintain regular cleaning, offer fruits and sweets as prasad.
* Stay away from gossip, meeting people, watching movies, parties. talk as less as possible.
* Avoid speaking lies,falls praise, bluntness and use your words wisely.
* Sleep timing should be fixed, preferred to get up before sunrise and start the day with pooja after shower.
* Don’t involve much in family affairs. reduce expectation from family member and focus yourself as much as you can towards the shadhana.
* Do not tangle your mind into waste thoughts, try to keep it away from all that. for e.g. past conclusion or future imagination should be avoided, and turned your focus and time in the present moment and devote every bit of it for maa’s sadhana.
* Must follow physical and mental celibacy .
* Maintain cleanliness at home all the time.
* Selection of clothes should be in way that neither it is too tight nor too uncomfortable.
* Hairstyle and other things should be in the manner that it doesn’t create obstacle in your worship time.
* Try to practice as much as chanting, prayer and meditation during these nine days, try to increase your count, hours and duration.
* With your whole strength and capacity try to achieve maa’s maximum grace.



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