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Sensitization of a Seeker’s Aura – Boon or Barricade

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Why a Spiritual seeker is more VULNERABLE for energy exchange

In people with the dominance of tamo guna, there is a thickened barrier because of negative karmas.  Through this barrier exchange of energy is not quick and easy as it happens significantly in person with saatv guna.Likewise by default water flows from high point to low point, energy also automatically flows down from high level to low level, until we put the guard.

What are the symptoms of identifying the energy loss 

Restlessness, Lethargic feeling, Emptiness, Repetition of unnecessary actions, Wasting of time, Headache, Body Pain, Unable to accomplish task on time, Lack of concentration, Discontinuation of jaap and good activities, Hollowness, Agitation, Feeling of being unwanted, Less interest in merriment, Disturbed Sleep, Unexplained sadness etc etc are the few symptoms.

With the jaap we should be protected more as mantra helps in creating a       STRONG AURA but it does not seems so .. WHY ?

If a black dot is on a black cloth it gets camouflaged, but when the black dot is on white cloth it becomes more prominent and noticeable. In a same manner in sattv gun nature sadhak , any negativity becomes eminent .

It is also a defense mechanism provided by nature, so you can identify the points from where energy can get wasted. Often due to our own concept and believes, which we considered to be right, but they are not right according to nature’s law, can put us into drained condition. Any doing, talking or thinking which is not in sync with the nature’s rule create the loop holes for leakage of energy. So this is the identification method of the weak points of ours, when corrected helps us in preventing the leakage of energy. 

The power of illusion always drag our energy for the outward flow. This happens when we get attached to people, place and circumstances more than the requirement. But to move forward on our spiritual path we must need to go inward. And for this we need to stop all the unnecessary external flow.

Mantra do creates protection shield for you which makes you lot more stronger but right investment of energy is also essential to flourish faster. For an example if one keeps on spending extravagantly, than in spite of good earning , saving can not be there. When saving is not there, emergencies can not be handled. In the same manner if mantra’s energy investment or expenditure is not regulated than in the situation where dealing of difficult karmas come across than we are unable to handle it because of insufficient back up.

With every one step we take towards God, God also helps us for our next step as he waits for us eagerly too. Though God helps and guides every one but who are sincere gets extra attention. God take care of sadhak in every possible way, though way of teaching is little different. Whenever we are not in SYNCHRONIZATION with God by deviating ourselves from the right and required actions, than friction happens. This friction is manifested into various physical and mental forms, mentioned above, demanding the rectification from seeker’s side.

The seed of attachment (especially EGO) is so deeply sown is us, that we become habitual for certain reactions because of narrow understanding . Sometimes in spite of understanding we go on repeating the same actions which lead us to the depletion of Energy. To save us, God gives us practical teaching by showing unpleasant symptoms, so we can understand in a broader way and learn to leave what is not necessary for our EVOLUTION. 

As a tendency we look more for negative side, even if it is grace in DISGUISE.  But the beneficial aspect of being sensitive for energy is more than we could have thought of with our limited vision.  Only after being sensitive for energy exchange a seeker gets connected to supreme power early and easily by any mean, be it mantra jaap, meditation, going temple or visiting religious places or doing any rituals. This sensitivity gives a seeker upper hand in terms of Gain in Spiritual energy.

So Be RECEPTIVE , Enjoy the ways of God’s teaching/care &  Hasten your Spiritual journey by rectifying yourself. 


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