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The Hallowed Baglamukhi Kavach

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We are sometimes constrained by obstacles in our quest for divine inspiration, mundane success and successful duties to profession, family and country. Unfortunately there exist many parties and forces interested in our downfall. Just like the army protects the country with weapons, you need powerful religious objects and mantras to stop those evil forces and persevere on your noble path to fulfillment.

Take refuge in the shadow of Mata Bagulamukhi and let the divine power heal the problems that beset your life. Just think for a moment. Is your life not surrounded by disputes or perhaps you are disturbed by ghosts? Is it not unfortunate that enemies are out to harm us? Who can say? Perhaps black magic is being performed at this moment to harm our interests or to put an end to our lives?

Even if you feel that no such problems exist in your life, you still need a good luck talisman. The baglamukhi kavach wields enormous divine power and would fill your life with progress, peace and happiness. You would immediately discover a new zest and tranquility, positive hope and dynamic performance in study and work for everybody.

If you lack faith in yantras and tantras, think again. The ancient science of astrology points out the harmful impact of malefic planets. The baglamukhi yantra for safety embossed on gold, silver, copper or bronze is worn around the neck or placed on the altar.

Protect yourself then with the mighty power against the forces of evil that guards against injury and brings success in gambling. Are you worried about operations and law suits? Recite the Beej mantra daily!

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