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Transfer of Energy – Part 3

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There is infinite energy present in the Universe. We receive energy in two conditions – Knowingly or Unknowingly. In sleep we receive energy unknowingly in which we receive certain amount of energy
to accomplish our daily work.

When we follow spiritual discipline in proper manner than we can receive energy even in awake condition. Spiritual disciplines like not to condemn others, not getting hurt with small things, company of saints, chanting of Mantra, daily worship of Isht, Meditation, Pranayam, Donations and serving of elders like actions improve the condition so we can receive energy in better way in awake condition.

The energy which we receive in awake condition is more powerful and useful. The person who has cleared his negative karmas, can receive energy in better manner. The amount and quality of energy is better in this condition.

Now the question arises why there is difference in quality or quantity of energy in awake or sleep state. Answer is – Condition of the Mind. Spiritual energy is received by the mind only. Quieter the Mind, energy is absorbed and than stored better which strengthen the subtle body. This gradually purifies the Chakras too. In contrast to awake stage, sleep is the state of unconsciousness in which worldly things have their impact on mind. This impact creates a hurdle for the absorption of energy. The other reason is that in Sleep, Tamo guna itself become active which limits the capacity of mind hence quality and quantity of energy gets affected greatly.

If mind is controlled and balanced in awake stage than Sattv Guna increases which strengthens the mind hence the power of mind becomes infinite.As mind gets free from negative karmas concentration increases which in turn enhances the quality of spiritual energy. This is the reason energy gained in conscious stage becomes more useful and productive.Guru’s love, a human expression of Gods’ connectivity watching us incessantly, lights our paths time to time for our needs. On pupil’s part, simply follow the directions from the core of heart, body, mind & soul and the super consciousness is perceived.


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