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True Love

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True love isn’t about what you want or desire from others, it’s about what all can you do or how far can you go for other’s RIGHT & REQUIRED wants and desires. When others desires dissolves all your desire and you feel happiness, that’s exactly when u can achieve true love.

God loves us all that’s why he makes our all desires fulfilled but sometimes our self-centered desires makes us so blind that we forget what true love is and start creating our own self made definition for it.

In our definition when  our expectations are fulfilled only than we are able to love that person otherwise conflicts start. Always doing right thing in calm manner without complains whether any one is supporting or not is true love . Supporting for the evolution of soul demand unconditional love, time and efforts. This quality only comes with right knowledge known as wisdom and close proximity to God. When this quality is there, it gives ability to see through the person or situation in right manner. What is the meaning of right manner ? It means not judging the person on past unwanted actions or actions done under influence of time or emotions. Often we fail to do so. Mostly our behavior, judgment, analysis and reactions get highly influenced by other person’s anger, comments or other person’s different point of views; Which clearly implies that love is not strong. Because when love is there, it is just there. Nothing can shake your love if it is TRUE. And this is only possible when wisdom and faith is there.

To understand the True love let us take example of Prahlaad. His father put him in adverse circumstances many times, but prahlad never reacted in bad manner. He was always calm , centered and prayed for well being of his father. No matter what his LOVE never DIMINISHED so his BEHAVIOR.

 Love of an EVOLVED guru is considered BEST after Love of SUPREME.  Because he bears all the negativity, immaturity, mood swings and imperfections of a disciple, without expecting anything in return . Guru helps at every moment for evolution of a soul without any complains.  Guru balances both materialistic as well as spiritual world, which is a very tedious job, but true love of a Guru and Disciple for each other make it possible. On materialistic plane Love of Parents has high place, as they sacrifice their needs like sleep and wants for care of their children.

Love of parents is also has purity but sometimes when kids grow, desires going in different direction can stain that love. It happens because of lack of wisdom and distance from supreme. Because of which understanding decreases and distance between children and parent increases. Remember True Love is always unconditional and everlasting.

True love is a lot more of an understanding and accepting. Like a love between father and son, they both love each other unconditionally. But a KID son’s love towards his father is a lot self centered.  All he wants is his father to be around him all day long without any other work then spending time with him.  He doesn’t need anything else but his all time, which is indeed a love but an immature love. The father needs to go and perform his duties towards other family members, work, office and society .  For that he must leave his child and go out of his child’s comfort zone, which the child may not like but being his father, he has the responsibility to take care of his child too.  So in this situation even though the father doesn’t like leaving his child upset but still he needs to leave child even if kid cries , when he goes to office. Because he understands his other duties too. For bigger aim, small desires some times we need to leave or put on the hold for time being. Like when father comes back home, he can shower his love on kid.

A kid when grows, develop the acceptance so understanding comes or vice versa, that it is necessary for my father to go to office and he stops crying.   Running away from acceptance, responsibilities and reality can never make one achieve true love. Like this kid we also need to grow and this demands knowledge of scriptures so we can understand our responsibility with bigger and better vision.

At young age PASSION is misunderstood as love very often. Attraction is natural as hormones play their role. Desire to be loved is the basic manifestation of hormonal induced passion but if we follow it blindly means without understanding than it only brings PAIN. This happens because attraction/passion makes the person self centered. Element of ATTACHMENT in passion takes away the wisdom. In this process many norms get breached and wrong decisions make you victim of unwanted circumstances.  True Love always makes you motivated and bring the best in you. If it makes you sad and demotivated than it is only an attraction.

We can not act as if we have PURE LOVE.  Many layers of masks has to be removed to reach that level. Our fixed behavioral  tendencies and thought processes are biggest hurdle to feel and find the true love.  So if you want to achieve or meet God then work on it under an evolved GURU guidance as pure love is the only requirement for this and nothing else. Pure love for him dissolves our all desires and leave us with only one desire of seeing him loving us . This takes away all the Pain and Suffering because it is True Love. The curiosity within us starts increasing to know more and more about him so that we can do everything that he likes.  Our likes ,dislikes ,wants ,needs  nothing matters. And when God sees this love within us he creates the relation with us and bless us with his kind love in a way we would love.

God loves us so much that even our smallest wish becomes important for him. So if you really want to meet God then the intense love of purity is compulsory. The love of a giver to the giver of this universe for the eternity of true love.

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