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Why Events Take Place

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What is the Trigger

In our life events happens because of Three ReasonsSankalp taken in previous birth for particular cause, clearing of karmic account and to clear our flaws or remove the veil of ignorance.

Suppose with our all the efforts we are unable to develop the patience and concentration. Then God keep us into the environment and family, where we have to develop these qualities by being in an inevitable situation. Like mata Parvati took matasy kanya avtar purposely to develop the concentration and go ahead in tantra sadhna . Some sadhak took sankalp to complete their sadhna before their next birth, so they can stay away from all materialistic attractions. In this case they face lot of hardship in achieving materialistic goals and some how to overcome obstacles they turn to spirituality.

Sometimes situation come to resolve our karmic debt. The person who has dominated others in previous life, than the person will be surrounded by all dominating people in current life, so the pain generated by act of domination can be known and soul can clear karmic account.

The other reason of events in our life is our ignorance at any stage of evolution. When we become careless towards our inner discipline or do not obey the law of nature, than certain sequential events take place. This rule is EQUAL for both AWAKENED and  IGNORANT PEOPLE.

Let us understand why  awakened people face the fall in their spiritual path . It is because they have stopped working on their flaws. It’s God’s quality that he never let the flaws be in his devotees. For an eg: when we grow in spirituality, we start receiving people’s attention and respect, but if in the ignorance we start considering this as “MY” achievement or the “I” become more important than the supreme, then it creates ego in them which makes them attempt such actions which start reducing their spiritual energy leading to complete loss in spiritual energy. This starts impacting their thoughts and patience towards acceptance. As we know ravan was the biggest devotee of mahadev, he had everything he could possibly imagined off , but still he couldn’t control his ego of being the biggest devotee and considered “I” more important then what he was, which made him less acceptable towards God’s rule and started implementing his wants on God. Which was the start of his fall and soon his flaws consumed all of his spiritual energy power.

REMEMBER, following things are tested at every level and anytime of our sadhna / evolution, such as Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moha and Ahankar. These are the main things which come in different forms and make us identify with our limitations.  We will only fail the test, if we lose our AWARENESS.

Whatever is the reason of events in a person’s life, the process of consequences are deeply dependent to make the soul gets imprinted by the lesson and dissolve the flaw for forever. And that happens in terms of karma, so when the mistake happens it crests certain situations in terms of karma and makes us go through that. Till the time we learn our lesson and go through the process, our earlier whole knowledge takes a pause.

When we finish our karmic consequences, or our intense desire and good amount of punya karmas direct the universe to diverts us towards the guru  who can help us to move towards our goal. At any cost learning has to be completed. Remember Right Guru can only appear once we have completed the consequential karma or the Desire to find the solution is very intense. Many people just change completely overnight and turn spiritual or start behaving absolutely different and new, this is the shift we take when the consequential karmas are over.

When we go through this consequential karma, we lose all power and control over our mind and soul, that’s why we become extremely ignorant towards others, we become slave of a situation and act accordingly. During this phase we don’t achieve anything but the one goal which had created this karma. Only worst thing during process happens when we start defending our own mistakes even after knowing it’s wrong or Create NEW KARMA in form of unpleasant reactions, sadness, grief or By not accepting situation ad GOD’S WILL .  When we do this  we lose all command and control from mind body which leads a gap between we and our soul. Lack of soul energy drives us towards negativity and we end up accumulating more and more karma.

 So I what happens when we complete our learning and meet the guru?

This is the time when our first layer of ignorance opens up, and we realize that we really need to help ourselves and we start seeking for it, so the universe energy makes us be connected to the guru who can make our journey restart from the point we left it, and so do move it towards completion. Because once if we meet the guru, then we start building the bridge which connects us to the supreme energy and then baring the karma become lot more enlightening.

When the consequential karma bhog is over and bared by the sadhak, is the time he/she suddenly starts losing the importance of the worldly existence and start enjoying everything. The petals of SOUL start receiving as well as reviving drop of universal knowledge, which opens up to ENLIGHTENMENT. Guru being the gardener protects the flower and makes sure the drop of supreme knowledge observed and absorbed absolutely.


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