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Why to do pooja EVERYDAY

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Many people have this Question, that why performing pooja everyday is important ? When everyone says that ” GOD IS WITHIN US ” then just believing in him isn’t sufficient ?

Well it is true that GOD is within us and we know it but only by knowing we can’t connect with God’s supreme energy until we channelize our self with it . We must awaken our subconscious mind to achieve the true wisdom of it.

Let us come back to the main topic of ‘why to do daily pooja’Well doing pooja has a scientific reason that is why it has been designed by our great rishi munis as the first thing in the morning !!!!

Getting up after 6-8 hours of sleep our body generates a huge amount of energy which is sufficient enough for our whole day, but because we so far away from the concept of energy or how to handle it spend it in any other form then what we really need, for e.g: we need energy for destruction as well as construction, to produce as well as destroy, for joy as well as sorrow. But because we don’t know what is more important for us we often loose out our energy in wrong things. We loose direction because of unsettled mind . Only a clam mind can think better and act accordingly or plan a day in right way.

So when in the morning we get fresh and go for pooja it makes us very FOCUSED which make us enable to balance our energy . By doing pooja we start to worship god and due to respect we become quite and composed, which make our mind lot more better to plan where to invest our today’s energy. By worshiping god we start to channelize our energy to the pure and infinite energy of God that’s why suddenly in the end of our pooja we close our eyes to get our self completely quite to let the process happen. After channelizing the energy when we ask our wish is nothing but our brain decided the best investment for our energy and because we are connected to god by doing pooja it makes our wish more strong then other desire of ours. The faith in GOD bring calmness in us which helps us to choose the right things in life on daily basis.

Daily pooja also reduces the anxiety and other kind of stresses . The belief that someone powerful is there to take care of our needs , bring stability in mind which in turn prevents the unnecessary effect of unstable mind on our physical health . Eating food after pooja is also connected to the same way, it gives enough time to our internal system to function well and get ready to digest food well. which also helps us to be fit physically.

So pooja makes us fit Physically, Mentally as well as Spiritually.
That’s why doing pooja isn’t only necessary, it’s an essential need.


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 Why to do pooja EVERYDAY

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