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Nine Forms of Goddess

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According to Markandey Puran and Durga Saptshati mata’s nine swaroop are like following :

Maa Shail Putri

Mata Sati, After hearing all the unpleasant comments by her father King daksha about her husband Bhagwan Shankar, took fire Samadhi. Later in her next life she took birth at Mountain King Himalaya’s place as baby girl, to meet Lord Shiva. Being daughter of Shailraj Himalaya she is known as “Shail”(which means mountain) putri ( daughter) that’s why Shil Putri (Mountain’s Daughter ).

Worshipping her bless the devotees with features of firmness and stability of body and mind like a mountain.

 Maa Brahamcharini

Mata Parvati did penance with austerity to achieve Bhagwan Shankar as her would be Husband. This unmarried Tapaswini Swaroop of Goddess is called “Brahamcharini”. Brahma” means “Tapa”, Charini means conduct, means One who observes the state of celibacy doing penance is BRAHMCHARINI. She is also called as ‘Uma’ and ‘Tapacharini’ .

Worshipping her blesses a devotee with power to do japa, Penance and Vrat . She also gives detachment, patience, benevolance , knowledge, renunciation, virtue, nobility and wisdom to Saadhak.

 Maa Chandraghanta

After marriage when Mata Parvati Possesed the Moon (chandrama) on her head . The moon (chandrma) on her head shapes as bell (ghanta), that’s why mata’s this swaroop is know as “Mata Chandraghanta”.

Worshipping her gives devotees supreme bliss, knowledge, peace and serenity, poiltness(vinamrta), Fearless(nirbhikata) and Strength (parakram). She also removes sins, distresses, physical and mental sufferings of devotees. When she pleases, sadhak develops Divine Vision. Saadhak can smell divine fragrance or can hear divine sounds as an indication of evolution.

 Maa Kushmanda

Entire Universe is created by Mata’s this swaroop’s bit of smile (mand muskaan) . Kushmanda is made of three words that are “Ku + Ushma + Amnda= Kushmanda”. “Ku” means “Little”, “Ushma” is “Warmth or Energy” and “Anda” is “Egg” , meaning the one who create the universe as “Little Cosmic Egg” with the energy of little smile, is called “Kushmanda”. Mata Kushmanda recites inside Sun, Sun’s energy is driven from mama’s this swaroop only. She controls whole Solar system.

Worshipping her bless the devotees Fame, Power, Health and longevity by removing ailments and sorrows. She bestows devotee with strength, pure mind and intellect.

 Maa Skandmata

Bhagwan Kartikey, son of Bhagwan shankar and mata Parvati, who killed Asoora tarkasur, is also know as “Skand”. And being his mother, mata is know as “Skandmata”. She is the goddess of Fire. Who is in control over senses + mind and has great devotion + concentration, gets blessing of goddess. Lord Skanda, her son is in her lap, so when the devotee worships her, Lord Skanda is automatically worshipped. Thus the devotee happens to enjoy the grace of Skandamaataa along with the grace of Lord Skanda.

She fulfills all Material and spiritual wants of a devotee by clearing hurdles. Worshiping her brings calmness, knowledge and joy in seeker.

 Maa Katyayani

Being daughter of saga Katyayan, Mata’s this swaroop is know as “Mata Katyayani”. Mata had killed mahisasur in the same swaroop which is also know as Mata’s Durga swaroop.

Worshipping her makes devotee free from previous birth sanchit karma and destroys the demon tendencies. She benefits sadhak from Dharma, wealth, pleasures and salvation .

Maa Kaalratri

To kill shumbh-nishumbh and raktbeej demons mata had taken this swaroop. Kaal Ratri means enemy of darkness. This form of Goddess is very scary but give very auspicious results that is why her another name is SHUBHANKARI.

Worshipping her protects the devotee from evil forces, ghosts and brownies. She also clears planetary hurdles (Karmas).

 Maa Mahagauri

During the Austerity penance to achieve bhagwan shankar as husband ,mata parvati’s skin had become very dark due the intensity of her penance. Bhagwan shankar got pleased with the severe penance and blessed mata with this fair complexion by bathing her in the holy waters of the Ganga . Mata’s that swaroop is know as “Mata Mahagauri”.

Worshipping her blesses the devotee with all the eight foams of siddis and worthy spiritual qualities. Prosperity, Pleasure and Salvation all comes to devotee easily.

Maa Siddhidatri

This is Mata’s Adiparashakti swaroop. According to ‘Devi Puran’ Bhagwaan Shankar had worshipped mata’s this swaroop and got the SIDDHIS. Bhagwan Shankar’s Ardhnarishwar Swaroop is also Mata Siddhidatri Power. There are eight Siddhis – Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Iishitva & Vashitva .

Worshipping her blesses the devotee with the power of ruling the universe and Salvation.



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