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Hawan Method

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  Items – Hawan Kund, Cotton baati, few flowers, Grains of rice,Ghee, Hawan Samagri, Wood sticks of mango, match box, camphor, Panch Meva, peeled coconut Procedure – Clean the area…

Nine Forms of Goddess

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According to Markandey Puran and Durga Saptshati mata’s nine swaroop are like following : Maa Shail Putri Mata Sati, After hearing all the unpleasant comments by her father King daksha…

Significance of Navratre

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Navaratri days are  meant for worshipping feminine form of supreme power to achieve spiritual upliftment OR  fulfillment of  material wishes in life. The word Nav indicates the number nine. This number is a perfect…