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Hawan Method

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Items –

Hawan Kund, Cotton baati, few flowers, Grains of rice,Ghee, Hawan Samagri, Wood sticks of mango, match box, camphor, Panch Meva, peeled coconut

Procedure –

  • Clean the area where you have to perform Hawan.
  • Place the Hawan kund upon a tile/brick.
  • In the middle of the Hawan kund, place the camphor around the cotton bati.
  • Place few sticks into the Hawan Kund crossing each other. First place thin sticks and in layers you can increase thickness with every layer.
  • Do not place all the wood sticks at one time. Save few so you can use them for poornahuti.
  • Take out hawan samagri in to a thali and take ghee in a separate bowl with a spoon for offering.
  • Sit on a Asan little away from hawan kund so the fire should not trouble you much but you can give ahuti with ease. If you are unable to sit on ground floor because of sickness, take chair.
  • Lit the lamp (Dipak) and Burn Aggarbatti
  • Do dhyaan of Guru and Lord Ganesha first. Than focus your mind on beautiful form of Goddess Durga.
  • Now remember Agnidev to accept the offering and put up flower and grains of rice in front of hawan kund.
  • Light the hawan kund with Machis or Agarbatti. You can also chant mantra – Om Agni Devay namah three times.
  • Offering of hawan samagri has to be done with right hand only and with the swaha word at the end with concentration.
  • First three Ahuti will be for Lord Ganesha with the following Mantra – Aum Gam Ganapataye Swaahaa
  • Now offer Hawan Samagri to the Lords one time in the sequence written below –
      • Om Kuldevye Swaha
      • Om Sthan devtay swaha
      • Om Gram devtay swaha
      • Om Vastu devay swaha
      • Om Sury Devay Swaha
      • Om Chandr Devay Swaha
      • Om Bhaumay Swaha
      • Om Budh Devay Swaha
      • Om Guruvaye Swaha
      • Om Shukray Swaha
      • Om Shani Devay Swaha
      • Om Rahve Swaha
      • Om Ketve Swaha
  • After this do offering 27 times with mahamrityunjay mantra –

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pustivardhanam,
Urva rukmev bandhnaan, Mrityor Moksiya Maamrtaat Om Swaha

  • Do offering 108 times with the following Devi Mantra –  “

 Om Em Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichchaye Swaha “

  • In the last sprinkle water around the Hawan, offering the water drops on the leaf in front the Hawan – Aum Achmanyam Samarpayami.
  • Fill the Nariyal Gola with the remaining Hawan Samagri, Ghee and Panchmeva. To do this cut the coconut from little above and after filling put that cut part back as cap . Offer this in Hawan Kund with the following mantra –

 Om poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate, Poornasya poornamaadaaya poornamevaavashishṣyate Swaha.”

  • Do Arti of Devi.
  • Do Sashtang Dandvat Pranaam and Say  Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.

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