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Balance body-mind to get power from soul

To get immense power from soul balance body & mind .

Astrology, karma, Destiny

Freedom of making good or bad choice shapes our life but our previous karma can influence our decisions & astrology is best guide to modify karma hence our decision & destiny.

Every thought is important

Every thought leaves an Impression, So Think Positive – Act Positive & Stay away from Negative As It hinders your Progress

Celibacy is the foundation

Brahmchary ashram is before grihasth, vanprasth & sanyas ashram

Need of rituals

Until mind & intellect pure, Rituals are essential

ऊर्जा देने की क्षमता

किसी अन्य व्यक्ति को ऊर्जा देने के लिए निम्नलिखित बिदु अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण है –

right way of worship leads to liberation

Absolute Surrender

  When there is absolute surrender , any situation does not affect the Sadhak.

Be Observer

Be observer …… Witness all Activities, Events, Relations This will Liberate you from Cause & Effect EQUATION…….  

Surrender saves from maya

When we leave doership, mind becomes quiet.