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True Love

  True love isn’t about what you want or desire from others, it’s about what all can you do or how far can you go for other’s RIGHT & REQUIRED wants and desires. When others desires dissolves all your desire

Observation brings Clarity

Observation brings CLARITY

What is Discipline

Doing things what is right and required and ignoring your wants , desires, mood swings, attraction and laziness is the true discipline. ¬†  

Emotions cloud Soul

remove clouds of your likes and dislikes, so you can shine.

What is freedom

What is Freedom

Experience makes you Mature

Destroy Ignorance & Ego

Destroy Ignorance & Ego to enter into Realm of DIVINITY.

Guru makes our journey Easy

Path of spirituality initially seems Unreal, Uphill, Unpleasant, Difficult task but Guru makes this impossible to possible.

Reprogram yourself with Astrology

Our thinking, actions and reactions are programmed because of previous Sanskaars , but with Astrology you can reprogram yourself.

Remembrance sets you Free

Remembrance of GOD sets you Free from KARMA