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Ganesh Pooja

Ganesh ┬áChaturthi  

Do not Worry about world

Difficult time is Good time

Every difficult situation is the indirect sign of supreme to tell us that we have managed to gain his/her attention and our karma has started working out, better we perform sweeter the joy of result will be. So never be

Reprogram yourself with Astrology

Our thinking, actions and reactions are programmed because of previous Sanskaars , but with Astrology you can reprogram yourself.

Time used by different people

Stupid person Waste time, Smart person Spend time, But Wiser person always chooses & does The Right investment for Time


When we repeat one type of Action Many Times Knowingly or Unknowingly It becomes SANSKAAR

Balance body-mind to get power from soul

To get immense power from soul balance body & mind .

Astrology, karma, Destiny

Freedom of making good or bad choice shapes our life but our previous karma can influence our decisions & astrology is best guide to modify karma hence our decision & destiny.

Need of rituals

Until mind & intellect pure, Rituals are essential