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Shelter of Guru

In the shelter of the Guru.. every cloud has a golden lining..    


  The spiritual journey begins with a determination, to keep the faith in supreme power unshaken. On the path, following the rules and duties, we try to keep the soul intact with sanity. But, not all the days remain the

Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 4

  What are our Duties ? So far the things were explained to me, i understood that completing the duties is very essential for spiritual evolution. My Guru told that duties are performed at three different levels – Body, Mind

master helps in mastering the mind


Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 3

  The Kind of PEOPLE and CIRCUMSTANCES we meet in our lives,   all because of different karmik accounts with different people we have opened at different point of time. Which means , few things are inevitable, one has to face

Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 2

  In my  dhyaan i Was asked to complete my duties and get myself only focus to my duties, not making others happy but fulfilling my duties. It’s the karma of others, how to feel, react or receive, which is not

दिवाली पूजा मुहूर्त – २०१५

    इस वर्ष ११  नवंबर २०१५ को दीपावली , स्वाति और विशाखा नक्षत्र, सौभाग्य योगकालीन प्रदोष काल, निशीथ काल और अल्प समय व्याप्त महा निशीथ काल व्यापिनी अमावस्या विशेष लाभकारी है।  सूर्योदय से , दोपहर १:३४ मिनट तक स्वाति नक्षत्र

Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 1

  In the very beginning of my spiritual journey, spirituality was lot into my chanting or meditation, but it was not in to my actions. On the contrary spirituality is not all about doing meditation only. It must become an important

Sensitization of a Seeker’s Aura – Boon or Barricade

Why a Spiritual seeker is more VULNERABLE for energy exchange In people with the dominance of tamo guna, there is a thickened barrier because of negative karmas.  Through this barrier exchange of energy is not quick and easy as it happens significantly in

HOW to HELP – Different Aspect

  Selfless service or help of a needy is the highly praised virtue in our scriptures. The whole nature helps us selflessly but somewhere it also works on the principle of Give and Take. That is why it is said