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Elements of Universe

elements of universe      

Means of Purification

Guru Understands

We can’t understand guru but he understands everything about us.     By : Khushi Related Articles गुरु शिष्य सम्बन्ध की आवश्यक बाते,    क्या शिष्य गुरु का चयन कर सकता है

Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect   Other Articles – कर्म साधन, स्वप्न और साधना का सम्बन्ध, साधना की उन्नति कैसे जानें, गुरु शिष्य सम्बन्ध की आवश्यक बाते,  क्या शिष्य गुरु का चयन कर सकता है, हमारी प्रार्थना क्यों नहीं सुनी जाती है , प्रार्थना कैसे करें ,  इष्ट देव की

You are Universe

When you are inward , You have the Universe. But if you are outward than you have world, a part of Universe. A part can never make you content because you belong to whole universe.   Other Articles Guru –

master helps in mastering the mind


Mind is the connection between body and soul

Till The time our mind is under the influence of our body the soul will become the shadow of body, but if The mind gets influence by the soul it will make the body a shadow of our soul. Yoga

Go beyond Nature

Satv , Raj, Tam

follow rules

Follow  rules  to  find  supreme  

Be Good Student

God teaches us, every second of our life. it’s we who needs so much time to become right student to understand, Ways of teachings of Supreme