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Our mind is all connected with our Senses. Among all senses eyes play very important role for the mind. Whatever we see,our mind feed on it. When our eyes are open it sees everything for real and needs no efforts

Is Everything Predestined

  Many people have dilemma between what is destiny and what is free will ? In other words what is fixed and what can be changed. Our sacred scriptures says that our reactions to people and situation, change our destiny.

Why Events Take Place

What is the Trigger In our life events happens because of Three Reasons – Sankalp taken in previous birth for particular cause, clearing of karmic account and to clear our flaws or remove the veil of ignorance. Suppose with our

Go with Natural Flow

♥ The existence of a pure soul flow smoothly, then why to make effort to control life needlessly. So accept all the circumstances, without offering tremendous resistance. A beautiful journey starts, for the one who believes in the God’s plans.

Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 4

  What are our Duties ? So far the things were explained to me, i understood that completing the duties is very essential for spiritual evolution. My Guru told that duties are performed at three different levels – Body, Mind

Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 3

  The Kind of PEOPLE and CIRCUMSTANCES we meet in our lives,   all because of different karmik accounts with different people we have opened at different point of time. Which means , few things are inevitable, one has to face

Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 2

  In my  dhyaan i Was asked to complete my duties and get myself only focus to my duties, not making others happy but fulfilling my duties. It’s the karma of others, how to feel, react or receive, which is not

Duty, Discipline and Evolution – Part 1

  In the very beginning of my spiritual journey, spirituality was lot into my chanting or meditation, but it was not in to my actions. On the contrary spirituality is not all about doing meditation only. It must become an important

Guru brings Balance

  Religious or Spiritual ? Often we are somewhere in between a Religious person and a Spiritual person.  Yes, they are little different. When we follow particular set of actions , ethics, worship it is called religion, which can lead

Our credibility to receive Guru grace

  When a seeker progresses on path of  spirituality, they experience within them is KARUNA BHAV (unconditional Mercy), which is a quality of GOD and like god they just want to help all , but do you think helping anyone and