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What is self-realization?

Self Realization

Self-realization is the pleasance of a platform that is released from agitation restlessness. You can solve the problem with equality. It does not only support progress spirituality but also supports one carry to out of around the world interaction with simply.

After this you will experience that you are doing something strange in your daily life then you did before self-realization. As an illuminated soul is neutral whatever judgment it will be true.

Enlightenment, Realization Of Oneness

Self- Realization Fellowship

Paramahansa Yogananda is published the Self- realization Fellowship SRF task. They give his advice in the exercises of the best yoga science of god realization. He said;

My goal is to arouse god within you. As far as you want to go along a metaphysical path, I can show you; or whenever you practice the technique in the task then you will never feel stability in your progression”.

These are the following techniques described below are presented SRF task:

  • The Hong- Sau technique

It helps to increase one’s latent strength of concentration. If you practice this technique one learns to withdraw opinion and energy from external agitation so that you can focus on your goal without any problem.

  • The Om technique

This is a very powerful technique of meditation that protrudes one’s consciousness on the other side limitations of the body and mind.

Journey to self- realization

Journey to self- realization

In this topic, Paramahansa Yogananda describes to us how can feel the heavenly visitation within us and in whole life. It is not just passing inspiration but as a stable inside realization. Through this extended consciousness, we obtain the gift of the soul like this- divine love, peace, ever-new joy.

What comes After Enlightenment Meaning

Meditation for self-realization

This meditation connects you with the power stilly and naturally through giving the gift self- realization. It relaxes and calms our body improves our health and balanced throughout the day. It also helps us to see our self more objectively and improve any mental, emotional and physical mismatch.

How to achieve self-realization?

How to achieve self-realization

If you want to achieve this self-actualization then you should flow the steps:

  • First of all, you should accept everything that is happening to you. Accept all of your problems and love yourself.
  • Secondly, you should do the things which you dislike. Talk to the persons who are strange to you and study the subject which you hate the most.
  • And the third is introspect yourself as much a possible. If you do this meditation as often as possible, and try to understand why you do a few things.

The nature of life

Laws of Self-Realization

Laws of Self-Realization

  1. Self- Discovery

Self- discovery will be plaintive the first time as you can able to invent things about yourself for whom you are stipulate to your way of stable increased without prejudice.

  1. Self -consciousness

It is the most important accidence in this procedure as it is the ingredients that run emphatically and concurrently. Simply without self-consciousness, you have nothing. Self-awareness taps into the psyche.

  1. Self- empowerment

Without a self- empowerment person’s just puppet, an unusable dangler being controlled physically, emotionally and spiritually by any other process. Without this law, you are simply feeding for another.

True Enlightenment Meaning

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